About Us – The Reids

So, who are we?

An ordinary boy and girl living in the UK and about to embark on a new adventure of traveling with

Caleb and Aliyah

Jon is a photographer for Travel Media and I will be the traveling mom/cook/nanny/cleaner/trip booker/any other title we might add along the way. We’ve decided to rent out our house and travel on both a holiday and for work for 6 months. And Caleb and Aliyah, well, they will just be experiencing the world for the first time as a toddler and baby.  Will they remember it?  No way!  At least we will have photographic evidence for them when they are older.  We begin our journey in November 2015 and are excited for you to share our travels with us through this blog.


Aim of my blog

1) To inspire others to travel with a baby because boy do I know how scary it can be!

2) To share my ‘expertise’ and my epic fails with you as much as possible

3) To give you some light-hearted entertainment ( I mean, who doesn’t love to read about other peoples dramas? And, every mom needs a soapy in their lives, right?)

4) To create a memory of travels for Caleb and Aliyah of the trip they never remembered

We would love for you to comment and share on our blog too




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