Timing is everything

Septemeber 2016

We leave on Sunday, today is Friday and Caleb has a temperature and is complaining of a sore ear. We got an emergency doctors appointment to which they informed us we should not travel with his ear like that. He has an ear and throat infection and it would be too painful. We leave the doctors with antibiotics in tow and one disappointed boy that he can’t fly out with his dad.

2016 09 07 Tina Phone-3

Upon our arrival home, we cancelled our flights. I stopped packing and I told Jon to go and work and we would meet him later in Spain.

2016 09 05 Tina Phone-4

Sunday arrives and Caleb seemed in tip top shape. I even said to Jon that we probably could have flown. He started complaining in the afternoon that he had a sore tummy. That evening after dinner, his dinner all came out. Thankfully Anne Sophie (our adopted Aunty) had popped in and she was here to help hold the kids back so I could get everything cleaned up.

2016 09 06 Tina Phone-6

That night after putting the kids to bed, I hear Caleb calling me. He projectile vommed everywhere. I got him cleaned up, and stuck him in my bed whilst it took me 45 minutes to clean his room.


During the night, Caleb’s diarrhea started too.


Lil’s woke with a snotty nose; she has a cold! Seriously?


I had an awful week. His tummy bug lasted 6 days. He was man down. He couldn’t eat a thing. I was so worried that I was going to have to take him to hospital for dehydration and then what do I do with Lil’s?  I made a back up plan in my head of who I would call if I needed to. He was so sleepy, he pretty much slept the whole week away. Lil’s really struggled without him this week and she wanted to wake him a few times too.


I rebooked tickets for the following Tuesday but I was unsure the whole week of whether or not we would be using them again.


What a week, and stressful to say the least. These little humans surely do know how to make you worry. If I wasn’t cleaning up vomit, it was poo or it was snot. Very unpleasant! If you asked me 4 years ago if I’d be doing this, the answer would have been no ways. It’s amazing what motherhood does to you. No one can ever prepare you for what you have to do as a mother.


It’s been a lonely week without Jon and we’ve been in isolation. I had a friend come and visit in the week and it was so great to see someone. She brought presents for the kids and chocolate for me. I am very blessed to have some amazing friends. I had others sending texts constantly to find out how we were doing and the family was moral support on WhatsApp from SA.


I’ll be glad when this week is over but I think it did us all the world of good to be forced to be home and relax. I am glad it happened at home rather then whilst we were travelling.  Theirs is nothing worse then dealing with sickness especially vomit when you aren’t in your own home with your own washing machine etc.  So although we had to cancel our flight, it was actually good timing!

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