Home and away!

August 2016

2016 09 11 Tina Phone-14Being home for a month has been fantastic! We’ve got to catch up on everything that needs doing (well most things) and we’ve got to meet up with people. The children have loved being home too.


We’re all dreading going away again and it seems to have come around so quickly. Jon’s dreading having to work, I’m dreading the lack of routine and structure and Caleb’s just worried about leaving all his toys.


I know when we’re in it, it will be fine it’s just to actually get into it again. Having the month off makes you enjoy the things you never realised you had actually missed – those home comforts. It makes you realise how fortunate we are to own a house which is furnished and that has things in to make it OUR home.2016 09 11 Tina Phone-41


I guess whilst travelling we learnt that home is where ever you want it to be. We didn’t miss those home comforts until we had them again, but at the end of the day, those ‘things’ could be anywhere in the world and routines can be made anywhere in the world. Being together is way more important than things.


Jon offered for me to stay behind with the kids but it would mean 21 days of not seeing him. We choose family, so we will be on this journey together, even when it’s uncomfortable, for the time when we can. We’re grateful to have had this month of being at home.


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