Germany – 14 towns in 30 days!

July 2016

I think we might have seen just about enough old towns to last us a good few years.

2016 07 04 Tina Phone-23

Our Germany trip has been great, despite us all longing for home. Caleb started counting down the days from 24 sleeps. I’m not sure if this made it take longer or quicker. He was so looking forward to ‘my London house’. He kept listing all his toys he has there. He doesn’t realise that after playing with them for 2 days he will be bored again and need some entertainment.

2016 07 04 Tina Phone-6

Us humans are weird beings. When we’re away from home we long to be there yet when we are there, we long to be away. I think I’m actually looking forward to being bored, although I don’t think we are going to get a chance to be with everyone we need to catch up with and all the house stuff we need to do before we have to leave again.

2016 07 19 Tina Phone-98

Germany weather has surprised us. It’s been so hot. Most days were 30 degrees, some days a little higher even. Yeah, we had a few chilly days but hardly any.

2016 07 13 Tina Phone-19

We went to 14 different towns/cities in 30 days. I tried to make the most of our days in each place so I wasn’t just going from apartment to apartment. I actually explored the old towns with the children and we found playgrounds to play in on the way.

2016 07 15 Tina Phone-20

Every place we went to had an old town with beautiful old buildings and cobbled stone streets. Some were better than others, some had a lot of newer buildings in the towns than others as they were bombed in the war and I think these ones became my least favourite.


2016 07 12 JonI found a new respect for English people who move to Germany to make a life here, here’s why:  Firstly, we didn’t find the Germans to be the friendliest or most helpful people.

2016 07 10 Tina Phone-54

Secondly, a large number of people don’t speak English at all so there was constantly a language barrier. This made it hard when we were catching public transport or even just ordering something in the shops.

2016 07 07 Tina Phone-31

Thirdly, all signs are in German so if you can’t find an English speaking person, you walk in circles trying to find the right place as the signs make no sense to you too.

2016 07 01 Tina Phone-25

Fourthly, the German people eat a lot of bread. When I say a lot, a really mean a lot!  They eat rolls for breakfast, every afternoon without fail, they have cake and then bread again for dinner. Apparently, lunch is their cooked meal in the day. Now me being the carb lover that I am, you would think this was great but no, carbs don’t agree with me at all. They have amazing bakeries everywhere where you can pick up pastries and bread products. We struggled to find healthy food stalls to catch a bite. I don’t like feeding my children loads of carbs either so feeding them was really difficult too. There weren’t many places that sold things like smoothies. Ice creams –  yes, on every corner, but healthy food – no! Milk and bacon are not staple foods here in Germany. In fact, they’re seen as more of luxury items. You can only buy a litre of milk at a time and the shops selections are tiny!

2016 06 30 Tina Phone-21

Fifthly, Germans don’t like to see children with out shoes on. This is typical of a European country. I love my children not to wear shoes. It’s good for the development of their feet as well as feeling the textures they’re walking on. Yes, they become filthy but have you ever heard of anyone who has died from not wearing shoes?  Besides all of this, if I put shoes on my children when we leave the house, they’re off the moment we get into the car so why waste my time? People aren’t shy to question me about it too.

2016 06 30 Tina Phone-41

We’ve had a great trip and made memories to last a life time. It’s a pity we didn’t get to catch up with friends in Berlin but hopefully next time.


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