Where does it all go wrong?

July 2016

Today I watched as my 2 ran around the car hire shop shouting with glee, catching each other, hugging just playing and laughing and having pure good fun. I need to add at this point that we were the only ones in there so they weren’t running around causing chaos.

2016 06 27 Tina Phone-34

It was in this moment, as I watched on with a smile on my face, that I thought to myself we have 2 happy children. Yes, they have their moments of being normal whiney, bratty children but on the whole, they are happy. I then questioned myself saying ‘where does it all go wrong?’

2016 06 26 Tina Phone-69

I hate to think of my kids growing up, but even worse, I hate to think of them growing up with issues. I know it’s inevitable and that we all have something but I hate the thought of it. I think having studied psychology and social work and having been a teacher was not good for me, as it made me aware of how horribly wrong things can actually go.


  1. A) I don’t want my children to grow up with issues and
  2. B) I don’t to have caused them.


I’m sure all parents feel the same, when their children hit adolescence and they have issues or are just being horrid, they ask themselves, where did it all go wrong?

2016 05 05 Jon-15

How can we stop this from happening?  How can we keep them happy and care free for as long as possible?


Much to my dismay, I don’t think we can. I try to just be the best mom I can be and yes, I fail everyday. My husband often hears me say ‘and the mom of the year award goes to me’ (being super sarcastic) and he’s forever moaning at me about it. I’m forever analysing my day with my children (true teacher form) seeing where I went wrong and how I can improve the following day and yet, the next day I’ll fail again.

2016 05 14 Jon-10

At the moment, I feel like a policewoman with my two. I’m constantly saying no or correcting them for something and it drives me mad but how else will they learn to be better people? How else will they learn to cope in life if I don’t teach them?


I’ve realised that I just need to love them, be there when they make mistakes, guide them through it gently (eek, I find this hard!) and apologise when I’ve have made a mistake no matter how small they are. Us moms, believe it or not, are human after all. The one thing I always try to remember is that you always remember the negative so let’s be as positive as we can with our children. Let’s try not to use the word no as much as possible. Let’s focus on positive rewarding and let’s expect that our children will do their best to do the right thing. If we constantly think they are going to be bad, they will be!


My hope for my children is that they will stay young at heart and as carefree for as long as possible but will possess wisdom beyond their years to make the right choices and decisions in every walk of life.




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