Wolfgang – rain, shine or snow – always beautiful!

Rain rain rain!!!  That’s all we’ve had for 3 days. It’s Summer but today was 13 degrees. We’ve been wearing jackets – it’s been cold – Summer? Really?!

2016 06 18 Tina Phone-44

Despite the rain, it’s still just as beautiful as the last time when we came here. This trip was slightly different to the last. Last time, it was a ski holiday and we went from the hotel to the ski slopes and back in the Winter. This time, we’ve got to go to the little towns nearby. They’re all just beautiful – stunning lakes, which are supposed to be torquise blue ( they weren’t whilst we were here because of the weather), mountains, clouds, flowers and great buildings. It’s almost like you’ve walked into a story book when you enter these towns.

2016 06 18 Tina Phone-38

We unfortunately didn’t go on the train up the mountain at Saint Wolfgang as the visibility would have been zero. We went up a cable car and couldn’t see a thing, in another town, we just ended up drinking mulled wine up there.


For some reason, it still amazes me when people can’t speak English. There has been so many people here who only speak German. I think they’re probably surprised that I only speak English too but that’s one thing I find hard being here in Austria.

2016 06 19 Tina Phone-31

3 nights have been enough here, if the weather improves (which it’s supposed to tomorrow) we could probably have spent more time here doing the train ride but I think we’ve seen the beauty of it and it’s time to move on.

2016 06 22 Tina Phone-86

I have been sponsored a new sling from Lenny Lamb.  It’ beautiful.  It’s soft to touch and super comfortable for both Aliyah and I.  She’s had many sleeps in it whilst being here.  As you all know by now, I am a huge fan of baby wearing.  I get asked all the time how I get around with 2 toddlers and there really isn’t any other way to do it.  Besides that, it’s such a great way to bond with your child, it makes them feel so safe and secure and it allows you to be hands free whilst dealing with your child’s emotional needs.  I absolutely love it and no one could convince me otherwise.  So thank you to Lenny Lamb for the sponsorship, we hope to get loads of use out of it.

2016 06 18 Tina Phone-49

The children have coped well with the change in everything again. They’ve been sharing a double bed which has been interesting but they seemed to have enjoyed it. They’ve had super late mornings wake ups (at 9am) but then only going to bed at 9pm because it gets dark so late. Late mornings mean late naps so late nights. I do love a good lie in though so I’m not complaining.

2016 06 20 Tina Phone-21

Despite the rain, the cold and miserable weather, we really enjoy it here.  It’s not the most child friendly place we’ve been to but the children enjoyed walking along the lake, seeing the swans and the cable car rides.  I would highly recommend seeing visiting Wolfgang in either the Summer or the winter months, it is beautiful!



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