We are rich!

June 2016

Upon arriving at our apartment on St Wolfgang, Austria,  we were taken around by an elderly man who owned the place. As he was walking out the door he said to Jon ‘you are a rich man!’ Jon looked at him confused as he didn’t know how he just managed to come to that conclusion.  The gentlemen continued by saying ‘not in wealth but with children and that’s the true meaning of being rich!’

I pondered on this. I know we are so blessed to have 2 perfectly healthy, beautiful children but when he said it, it just reminded me again of how blessed we actually are. We have been reminded so many times this year whilst travelling how privileged we are to have children. Often we lose sight of this. We focus on how hard it is and how much our lives have changed since having children. We focus on their next stage of life and what they are or aren’t doing. We compare them to other people’s children and what they’re doing. We’re constantly concerned whether we’re doing a good enough job as parents.

For one minute every day lets STOP! Let’s take the time to forget all of those things and just reflect on how blessed we actually are. Let’s hug our children more, let’s tell them what blessings they are and how much they are loved and treasured and how special they are. Let’s see them blossom into the blessings they truly are rather then who we are trying to create them to be. Yes we ned to help them and guide them to reach their full potential but that’s really not what life is all about.  They need to know how much they are loved, valued and treasured by us as parents or they will try to find it outside the home.  The fact that we have been given this opportunity to temporarily have these little beings in our lives is a blessing on it’s own.  Let’s not wish our children’s days away, lets live for the here and right now and capture every moment, every smile, every hug and treasure every one of them.

So, to those of you who also have children no matter how much money you have in the bank, how many assets you have, what type of high profile job you have or have not, the fact that you have children classifies you as being Rich. Let’s never forget it!




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