The sweet smell of home!

May 2016

Being home

Ah, that feeling when you walk in the door of your own house. The familiar smells and the feeling of being relaxed and comfortable – until you look around and its empty!  You need to unpack!

After a 7-month trip and an 8-hour flight from Dubai, unpacking is the last thing you feel like doing but when you have family coming to stay in 2 days’ time, it’s the thing you need to do the most and in the quickest time!

We spent the night at Anne Sophie’s house last night after our long flight (everyone needs a friend like her in their lives!), Caleb had fallen asleep in the car on the way there and nobody feels like going to an empty house that has no bedding or soap or towels to do anything. Jon went home but the kids and I slept over. It was great because I could put them down straight away and Anne Sophie had dinner for us.

The kids woke at 4:30am. The 3-hour time difference clearly meant nothing to them. I was surprised they didn’t sleep later after having such a long day the previous day and a late night.

Lil’s had weed through her nappy so I stripped her, I decided to pop them in the bath (it was 5am) as they hadn’t  bathed the night before. Caleb had also weed through his nappy. Lil’s was standing nudy and as the bath was running, I went to make up Caleb’s bed. I realised it was wet too so I stripped it. Whilst doing that, Lil’s starts shouting wet wet!  I run through to the lounge and she had knocked over my glass of water. I quickly clean that up, go and finish the bed. Walk into the bathroom where the kids are standing waiting to get in and Lil’s is busy making a poo on the floor. I clean that up only to turn around and Caleb had weed all over the floor whilst weeing in the toilet (as boys do!). I clean that up, turn around and Lil’s has thrown Anne Sophie’s torch into the bath!  I fish that. I bath the children and Caleb doesn’t want to get out. I take Lil’s out and dry her off, we’re in the lounge. Caleb starts shouting for me to fetch him. Anne Sophie is asleep so I run through to get him as quickly as I can so we don’t wake her and when I return to Lil’s, she’s weed on the floor. Um, a good start to the day I would say!!

We woke up Sof, had breakfast, caught the bus and we were home by 6am. We then worked the entire day and the next day unpacking. The children loved seeing their toys. Caleb refused his nap he was just loving discovering everything all over again. They were quite happy not to leave the house and to just play all day. I was exhausted on the first night that I just needed to stop.  I eventually just sat down and cried and said I can’t do anymore.

We finished unpacking on the second day thankfully. We worked hard to get it done but I wanted it done as quickly as possible.

Jon’s cousin arrived that night to stay with us for a few nights.

Being home for 2 weeks was great. It went by so quickly though that I felt like I still needed more time there.

We had loads we had to do, things like phone calls for electricity and banks and water etc. and sorting out my phone insurance. Just a lot of small things that needing sorting. We didn’t have a car and thought it was pointless getting one for 2 weeks. It turned out to be fine except that we paid quite a lot in bus fares. The children weren’t sad that they got to go on bus rides just about every day.

I managed to sort through all our old baby stuff and got rid of loads of it too which was great. We managed to catch up with a few friends who were able to fit us into their busy schedules. It was so good seeing them and just reconnecting after being away for so long.

Well, the time has come to leave again for a month. Being home was great. The children were so settled and were sleeping and eating so well at home. It’s amazing how quickly they settle into routine. I’m not sure I’m ready to go away again just yet but I feel that there’s no reason for me to stay actually. There are small things that I loved about being home, having my electric tooth brush back, having my own bedroom with no children in it – it’s amazing how much better your sleep is- my own shower and bed (even though I don’t love my bed). Having a cupboard to put my clothes in. I didn’t enjoy having to do the cleaning though, this is one thing I love about being away!

Let the travels begin again!




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