And the worst airline in SA goes to…

Flight to Cape Town

We flew to Cape Town to meet Jon and to stay with the in laws for 12 days. SA express were dreadful. They cancelled our flight and didn’t inform us until we were checking in. They claimed to have tried calling us but no one had any messages. We were put on the 8pm flight as everyone who checked in online got to go on the 6pm flight (we couldn’t check in online as I had children flying with me). I was furious! They told me they would call me at 5:30 to let me know if there was space on the 6pm flight.


Caleb was so upset. He had been waiting all day to go on the plane and to see his dad and I had to tell him we weren’t going yet. He cried and wasn’t having it that we weren’t going on the plane. How do you explain it to him?  It was the first thing he had told me in the morning when he woke up – ‘We’re going to see dada today!’.


We got home, we were about to eat dinner when the call came to say we need to be at the airport as soon as possible as they have managed to get us on the flight. My dad drove so fast to get there that Caleb was even commenting in the car about how my dad was ‘making his head go so straight’ (I think he was meaning going back in the chair). We got to the airport at 6:02. 5 minutes before we arrived, they called to say that actually we aren’t on that flight anymore as there is a broken chair on the flight so they can’t fit me on. So we’ve driven all the way there again only for them to tell me this.  I was so mad!  I stormed into the office and told them how unhappy I was – they didn’t really care.


I go to check in for the 8pm flight only to notice that they’ve put Caleb and I 6 rows apart. I ask them to change it and they say they will put us one behind the other. When I told her it wasn’t good enough she told me there was nothing she could do about it and that it was a perfectly normal thing to do with children and parents. I stormed back into the office again and demanded they change it which they eventually did after my dad got cross with them too. There were 12 empty seats on a tiny plane so why all the fuss about changing us and putting a toddler in a different row to me, I’ll never know.


We eventually got to Cape Town just before 10. My poor children were exhausted they both fell asleep in the car on the way to grandpa and nee nee’s house. I managed to change them, give them milk and put them both straight back to bed.


Bottom line is, SA express are awful!  Almost as bad as my flights I had in Australia with Tigerair.  I’m struggling to choose a worst airline at the moment between the 2 of them.




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