An uneventful flight to Singapore

We had an early morning flight out to Singapore from Brisbane. It was an 8-and-a-half-hour flight in the day so we didn’t get any sleep on the plane. Lil’s slept the first 2 hours on the plane but was awake for the rest of the time. It was pleasant though and the children were so well behaved. We were given 4 basinet seats so I even got to watch a movie whilst Lil’s slept, which is amazing. I’ve decided that I actually prefer day flights. Yes, there’s more entertaining but you don’t have that exhausted feeling and it’s not as uncomfortable on the plane because you aren’t trying to sleep.


We arrived in Singapore in the afternoon. It took us a while to get through the airport and get our bags etc.  We needed data on at least one of our phones as the place where we were staying had tried to change our booking as we were leaving Brisbane and we hadn’t heard the final outcome. Also, we needed to inform them when we were on our way and I needed the address. Jon bought data but it took a while to get it up and running. Then he needed to draw money but he hadn’t transferred money from one account to the other so he couldn’t withdraw. He then had to call the bank in England to get them to do it and he almost failed the security questions. We got out the airport quite late after all these delays.


We got a taxi to our accommodation. The road there was incredible on the drive to our apartment. It was a highway the whole way but the island in the middle was just beds of flowers for at least 20 minutes of the drive.


Our driver dropped us off at what looked like pretty dodgy accommodation. We were taken upstairs to our place which was quite small but totally livable for the next 4 nights.


We headed out to find some food for dinner and breakfast. There was a 2 hour time difference, the children hadn’t slept but we needed to keep them going until at least 6:30 which was actually their 8:30. We had to walk through a shopping mall to find the shop. We just got egg on toast for dinner, something super quick and easy. It was hard to decide on what to buy as we didn’t know all the different foods in this new country, didn’t know what things were as they weren’t in English and we didn’t know what our children would eat or not.


We quickly fed the children, bathed them and put them to bed, they were exhausted as were we!  We only have 4 nights here so we will be up early (the children’s internal clocks will be out anyways) to try to make the most of our 3 days here and to try to see as much as possible despite being exhausted!




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