Farewell Australia!

February 2016

Brisbane again

We arrived in Brisbane late after our lunch with friends in the Gold Coast. Jon wanted to get out into the city immediately for sunset so I thought I’d take a walk with the kids to give them a little outing and to pass the time before bath and bed time. We just took a walk along the foreshore, watched the sun setting and took some great pictures of the buildings.


Lil’s is amazing, she can walk forever before getting tired.  Caleb loves to be pushed in the stroller and I really have to convince him to do some walking.  Difference between girls and boys perhaps?


The following day was pretty full on. We had a coffee date with a friend and her children at the foreshore, then lunch at Jon’s work. This was a little tricky as he had meetings afterwards and I had to try to keep the children entertained and quiet whilst everyone worked in the office. Lil’s was tired so she was crying about the smallest things. When we sat in the garden we were bitten by mosquitoes so I decided I needed to take them home. I left Jon there and he was brought home later by a work colleague.


Our apartment was fantastic, it was right on the foreshore and within walking distance to the centre. It was modern with 2 separate rooms, a lift (which we don’t often get) and it had everything we needed.


I put the children down for a nap whilst we waited for Jon to return home. When he finally did, we woke Caleb and we walked to the South Bank but not before stopping at the chocolate shop. It’s amazing! You walk in and it smells of chocolate. They have an 80% cacoa iced chocolate. It’s incredible!!  They use real chocolate and add milk so when you suck it up the straw, chunks of chocolate go up the straw with it. Lil’s loved it too so I had to drink it as quickly as I could so she didn’t drink loads. She was in the sling so I couldn’t even get away from her to drink it in peace.


We then headed to the South Bank which was fantastic. It has a man made beach, a fantastic playground and pools with sprinkles and fountains. The children had an absolute ball there and we got to watch sunset with a view of the city. Caleb wanted an ice cream but we had finished all our cash and didn’t want to draw more, with it being our final few hours in Australia, so we scrapped together exactly enough coins for 2 ice creams (we can no longer only buy one).


We left the South Bank quite late and still had to go buy dinner and a few bits for the plane so it was a mad rush with a whining Lil’s as she wanted dinner. We arrived back at the apartment when it was dark, fed the kids and put them to bed before packing and getting ready for our flight the following morning.


2016-04-04-tina-phone-64The worst part about packing was not knowing if we were over weight or not so we had to just guess. I guessed I was over weight but there wasn’t anything I could do and I figured I’d just throw stuff away at the airport if need be. We tried to get to bed as early as possible as we had an early flight out to Singapore in the morning. It didn’t end up being an early night but we did the best we could.


We had such a brilliant time in Australia.  Would I recommend it for a holiday? Probably not, yes the beaches are great but you can see great beaches anywhere in the world.  Apart from the beaches, I wouldn’t say there was anything remarkable about the places that we saw that you couldn’t see in other countries that are nearer to where you live.  Would I live here? I certainly would.  I loved it.  I loved the life style, I loved how child friendly everything was, I loved how friendly, kind and inviting the people were.  I loved the beaches, the hot weather and the outdoors life.  I loved the big houses, with big gardens and swimming pools.  I would love for my children to grow up here but for now, I guess we will live in London, until and if the time is ever right to move to a warmer country!  Good bye Australia, you have created memories we will never forget!


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