Gold coast – To go or not to go?

We were told not to go here as its so commercialised and we wouldn’t like it. We told my mom and dad not to go here too for this reason. But we were pleasantly surprised!


I have an old friend that lives in the Gold Coast an
d we were meeting at her house for lunch so we decided to shoot all the way there and then spend the night in the Gold Coast. It was a full on day, starting super early and ending very late. Jon had 2 beaches and 2 towns to shoot, so pretty hectic. The first beach we went to was a long beach. It was quite hot so we stayed under the life saver tower playing in the sand and the children were climbing on the frame. It wasn’t the most fun we’ve ever had but it kept us entertained.


We drove to the town and they had a huge market on so, after spending forever trying to find a parking, we eventually got to browse the markets. They weren’t very interesting; it took about 15 minutes to get through the whole thing. There was a playground right there so we headed there once we had seen the market.



We finally got the children out the playground and drove to the next beach. By the time we got there, the children were asleep so I dropped Jon and then I drove to other nearby beaches to see what else they had to offer around there. It was stunning! They are definitely not short of amazing looking beaches and look out points to see them in Australia.


By the time Jon came back, the children were just waking so we went to the nearby town for some lunch which was Acai bowls. They weren’t great, they were loaded with cereal which I don’t really like. I’m not sure why they do this.  They make you something really healthy and then throw in cereal that’s loaded with sugar, it makes no sense!


Jon had one more town to shoot so we did that before driving to Gold Coast. We only got there late in the evening, the children were hungry and ready for bed. We had a great apartment right on the beach with a great beach view. I just did toast, avocado and cheese for dinner, something easy and quick. Jon went out to shoot the sunset and I bathed and put the children down. They had given an extra bed for Lil’s and in the room was a double bed and single bed. I pushed them over toward the walls and managed to squeeze Lil’s bed in between so it was like we had one huge bed for all of us. The children loved it!  They went a little crazy jumping on them and running across them when they saw it. Jon came home as I was putting them to sleep. He went and lay with Caleb. I was holding Lil’s everyone was quiet and about to fall asleep when Lil’s shouts ‘wake up!’  Well we were all in fits of laughter and then had to settle all over again.


The following morning, we packed up everything but didn’t actually check out. We went for a walk through the center where all the shops are and then went and spent some time on the beach.


Caleb is a little paranoid at the moment that the waves are going to take his bucket and spades so we had to deal with a little melt down as he didn’t want any of us playing with the things (not to mention that we were leaving it behind at the hotel any ways as we weren’t going to need it again and we weren’t flying out of Australia with it.).


We then checked out and went to the Harbor Shopping Outlet. We needed a new suitcase as my one was broken. We found one but Jon was in his element buying shoes from the Nike outlet store.  We didn’t have enough time here as we had to rush to a friend’s house for lunch which we were already late for.


It was great to see my friend after 10 years. She has 2 boys the same age as my children with the most toys I’ve ever seen a family have. Caleb was in heaven! First he had a friend and secondly, he had toys to play with. He could have stayed there for days. In fact, he cried when we left. We had lunch there and a good catch up before leaving and driving to Brisbane.


It was a pity we didn’t have anymore time in the Gold Coast. We quite enjoyed it there. I’m pretty sure my parents would have loved it too. I’m glad we did get to see it though as it was something we were going to leave out because of what people had told us about it.  I understand what they were saying but I wouldn’t think it would be the worst place to go to for a holiday!





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