Can I stay here for a few days longer please?

We’ve checked into a great apartment with nothing really to do around here. After putting the children to bed on my own, I jumped into the shower and stood there thinking, ‘I could stay here for just a few more days’. I’m not sure what it is about this place. I guess that maybe it feels homely and a great place to just relax and gather ourselves again. When Jon walked in the door after shooting this evening he said ‘think we could just stay here a few days longer?’  I laughed having had the same thoughts a few hours before.


Staying home all day with the children has been a welcome relief. I’ve done the washing. They’ve played in our home made tent, watched TV and had a really good afternoon sleep. We did go to the park for a bit which is across the road but I think they too are enjoying just being at the apartment and unwinding.

2016 03 06 Tina-3

The last few days haven’t been stressful but they have been full on, travelling from place to place. We have been in towns with not much for me and the children to do so we’ve done a few parks and shops. We visited a friend of Jon’s mom, who put on a great lunch for us, and we went to a wildlife sanctuary. We’ve done loads of driving from town to town.

2016 03 06 Tina-9

We’re not missing home but I think once we do go home we aren’t going to want to leave for a while. I think it’s a bit like being in the camper van, you forget about all those home comforts until you have it again and then it all comes flowing back to you and you never want to leave them again.

2016 03 06 Tina-7

Where to from Aus.?  We’re in the process of trying to figure this out for ourselves. We know we have to go to SA for Jon’s work but we can’t decide if we should go spend a few days in Singapore or not. Well, we will have to make a decision soon after looking at the flights.


So far, I’ve had 2 and a half hours of both children sleeping at the same time. I haven’t had this for a while. It’s been great to just have some time off without being in the car and having some internet to just catch up on a few things including booking our accommodation for the next few days.


Well, we leave tomorrow and back to one night in each place for a bit. We are heading back to the beaches so that will be nice for the children and I.


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