Sydney city – When you teach your parents what a burritos is!

I think it’s safe to say that I prefer Melbourne city to Sydney city. Loads of people might disagree with me and Jon likes them equally for different reasons but I don’t think I’ll ever change my mind about this.


Seeing the city in only 2 days could be quite a challenge so we opted to do the city tour -I think we made the right choice. We saw pretty much everything a tourist should see. We didn’t get off at many stops as nothing really interested us enough and we thought we would rather see as much as we could rather then waste time at one spot. The only thing I might go back to is the botanical gardens when I come back here with Jon – they looked interesting but we ran out of time.

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Darlington Harbour is where we spent most of our time. There’s a shopping mall there and a great playground and water area for the children to play in. After being on the bus all day, they deserved a little play at the playground. I do thankfully have pretty well behaved children.

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I introduced the parents to burritos. They were keen for boring burgers for dinner but I wanted a burrito (they were across the mall from each other so I figured they could eat theirs and I could eat mine in the center of the mall) and they had never had one before and they didn’t even know what they were or how to order one. They decided to try it with me, uncertain of whether or not they would enjoy it, and they loved it.


Although the city is pretty with a lot of historical buildings and the beautiful opera house, it appears to be scattered all over the place and hard to get to by public transport.  I may be completely wrong here, so don’t shoot me down if I am. It’s just how we saw it. We didn’t actually use the trains so I might just be ignorant but we didn’t seem to see a huge amount of stations at the different tourist spots whilst on the tour bus.  It’s for this reason, that I would recommend a tour bus when in Sydney or you spend most of your time just trying to get around from place to place.  It’s far to far to walk (especially when you have 2 children to get around) and although you would see a lot of the city whilst walking, you would get to see more on a bus.

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Our second day was a boat cruise to various stops. Obviously from the water, you get an amazing view of the Opera House and the harbour bridge, that’s if you can see past all the other tourists on the boat who are also trying to take in the scenery. We got off at Manly Beach only. There was a surfing competition happening so it was buzzing. We walked the streets a little and then my dad took my kids to play in the playground so my mom and I could go into the shops kid free. My dad is truly amazing with my children and such a huge help to have around. We had fun and both walked away with a pair of Oakley sunglasses that my dad bought us (he was working whilst we spent his money!).

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After our little shopping spree, we went to the harbour side of the island as the little beach there had no waves and it was less busy then the main beach. It was great! The water was a great temperature and the children and my dad played in the sand.


Sydney definitely is not short of beautiful beaches and I’d go back to them in a heart beat if I was coming back to Sydney. But this stands true for most of Australia so if I had to choose a place to go back to, I don’t think it would necessarily be Sydney.


Our last night in Sydney was spent in the Ibis Budget Hotel. We had early flights out so thought it would be better for us to be close to the airport and it was cheaper than our cockroach infested air BnB. It has the tiniest rooms I’ve ever stayed in and when we walked in, Caleb asked where the kitchen was. The bathrooms stank like damp, they did change my room because the bathroom was horrible but the second room wasn’t any better. I think it was the shower curtains that were stinking – ew, why do they even have shower curtains?


Instead of staying in the tiniest room all afternoon and trying to entertain the children there, we went to the Mac Donald’s and let the children play there. 3 boys came in ages of 1,3 and 5, well, it was like a hurricane happened. They were wild! My children became wild too – It was actually hilarious to watch them – they went from playing quietly to running around shouting and bashing into each other. The parents of the boys only lasted 10 minutes before they whisked their children out of there, they looked pretty embarrassed with how their children were carrying on.  We didn’t mind and it was burning my children’s energy off but they obviously didn’t feel comfortable.  We were there for an hour and a half before heading back to our hotel room.


Thankfully my children didn’t sleep all afternoon so it was an early bed for them, especially after their play at Mc Donald’s, so there was minimal entertainment needed in the evening. I could also get an early night before our early morning flight to meet Jon again.

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