Back to Melbourne – which city is your favourite in Australia?

Excitedly Caleb woke up ready to fly to see his dad.  Our flight was at 8:30 but we had to be downstairs at 7 to get our ride to the airport. My dad helped us to the bus and then we were on our own.  As I walked through the airport with 2 hand luggage bags, one main luggage bag (I sent one to SA with my parents) a child in a stroller and carrying one child in a pouch, I had plenty of people staring at me, a few offering to help and my best was a lady who walked past and said ‘you are a legend to be doing this on your own!’ I felt kind of puffed up for a few seconds until I reminded myself that actually I’m not the only person in the world to travel with 2 small children on my own.  People just clearly don’t see it very often but it is nice that someone could make you feel good about yourself, even if only for a few moments.

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We flew Tigerair again (remember my worst flight of all time?) not because I chose to book with them but rather because it was already booked and I couldn’t change it. They were much better today but seriously, I’ll never book with them again after my last experience.


Arriving at the gate, where we had to wait for our flight, I realised I had put the iPad in one of my checked in bags. It’s normally my go to for Caleb on the flight. I don’t have Peppa Pig or Chuggington on my phone to keep him occupied (he loves watching these). I panicked a little and quickly tried to down load some onto my phone but we ran out of time.  He was so good though, he played games on my phone instead and was content that I didn’t have it with me. When Lil’s got a little restless I pulled out some play dough which she loved and Caleb got into playing with it too. Thankfully, it was a short flight but my children are so good when flying so I’m not sure why I have a little stress moment at all.


Jon had sent a message to say that he would be in the pick up zone. I missioned there with all my bags and the children -it was on the other side of the airport. There was no Jon!  I tried calling and his phone wouldn’t connect. I sent messages and nothing! Eventually he replied but he was in a different pick up zone. He then tried to drive to where I was but couldn’t find me. He then called and he was standing where I started. So I missioned all the way there again only for him to have parked where I was standing. I waited an hour for him. Caleb thought he would see Jon as soon as we got off the plane so he kept asking where dad was. So when he did actually see Jon, he was excited but because he waited so long he wasn’t giddy about seeing Jon like he was when we were getting our bags. It makes me sad to see how much he misses Jon – it’s definitely the biggest thing I hate about this job!


After having a few intense travel days with the parents, I felt like I just needed a few days to relax. Problem is, it’s Jon’s off days so he will want to explore Melbourne as he hasn’t been here yet.


Jon had organized a meet up with Grant (my varsity friend) again so we headed straight there from the airport.  We had a coffee with him and his family. It was lovely to finally meet his wife and child whom we had never met before.


We had a little down time at our holiday home before hitting the noisy city (as Caleb calls it). We didn’t go to the city for long as we knew the children were going to need an early night.

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After spending the next morning in the city, coffee shopping it up and taking Caleb for a hair cut – it was so long already, it was bugging him hanging in his eyes – we happened to stumble across the library. This was a real hit with my children. They had a children’s section where they had put out craft activities and toys and tunnels etc. The children loved it. Caleb doesn’t usually love craft activities but he spent ages cutting and sticking. I think maybe because he hasn’t done it for a while. Jon left us there whilst he went and did other things and the children were properly entertained for an hour and a half.

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We raced home for sleep time. Lil’s unfortunately fell asleep on the way home and I thought she would wake when we got home but I think she was so tired that she just kept sleeping. Caleb fell asleep at the same time – we had 2 sleeping children. Wahoo!!!  Unlucky for Jon there was no business time happening!!


Melbourne is definitely my favourite city in Australia so far.  Jon enjoyed it too.  He loved the city area and the high rise buildings.  Apparently we didn’t experience the awful winds that they have there quite often so maybe our minds would change if we had to have experienced that too.  If you have travelled to Australia before I’d be interested to know what your favourite city is.  Jon had a great 2 days off of work.  Now when we leave Melbourne, it’s back to the grind stone for him unfortunately.

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