The worst airline I’ve ever flow with

We flew from Hobart to Melbourne on Tigerair. I can say with confidence that they are the worst airline I’ve ever flown with.

They were fine up until we got Melbourne. We stood at the carousel waiting for our bags to arrive. Eventually we stood waiting for one, it didn’t appear to be coming. When you’re the only people standing waiting for your bag, I think it’s safe to say it’s not arriving.

I walked across the airport to report it only to be told that it must be coming I must go back and wait. So we did!  Um, 10 minutes later and nothing!!!  So I went back to the air hostesses to report it. The woman there wasn’t overly keen to help me. She made one phone call and said she can’t get through and I’m going to be waiting a long time if I wait for her to get hold of them so she gave me a number to call and said I must sort it out with them.

We got to our apartment and I called the said ‘customer service’. It turns out, it wasn’t even in Australia so they couldn’t help me at all. They gave me another number to call.

I call the next number. They can’t help me, yes, they’re customer services but they only deal with ticket sales. So they give me 2 email addresses. Apparently they have no phone numbers to give.

By now, I’m fuming that no one is helping me when they lost my bag. I email both addresses, one gets back to me hours afterwards and says that they will look for it I must supply all the details – which I do. Then I hear nothing again. I call customer services again and again no help whatsoever. Eventually that evening I get an email to say they have found it that it will be on the first plane in the morning and  it will be delivered to me. Okay some progress. Yay!

Next morning – nothing!!  Not a word. I email and nothing. I then Facebook Tigerair. Their FB page says they will get back to you in a few hours – nothing. Eventually Jon tweets about them and only then do we get a response and all of a sudden it’s being sent again the next day.

Finally, the next morning I get a call to say it’s arrived and that they will deliver it to me. To be fair, it was delivered that afternoon.  Only 48 hours later!!!! 

I then get an email to say that their policy is that lost or damaged baggage has nothing to do with them. One of their workers forgot to tag my bag and now it has nothing to do with them?  I sent them a message back telling them it was unacceptable and all I got back was an apology.

Unfortunately I had already booked another flight with them. We got to the airport and they had 2 people working there. They have a terrible system where you have to check in on the computer yourself and then even put tags on your bags yourself and put them through yourself. It would be OK if it all went smoothly but obviously it didn’t. They didn’t print out enough baggage tags and they didn’t sit my parents together. We called someone over to help which she did. I asked her if it was possible to sit me somewhere where I might have a spare seat for Aliyah (as the airlines always do) but she told me I didn’t pay for an extra seat so she wasn’t moving me. I then asked her to tag my buggy so I could take it to the gates, she told me they don’t do that (they did in Hobart) as its too much paper work for them and easier for them if I take it to over sized baggage (she actually told me this!). She didn’t care that I had 2 small children, 2 bags, and a pillow. She clearly doesn’t have children!  When I pressed for her to do it, she gave a massive sigh and said she will ask but they never do it. She didn’t even ask! 

Putting bags through was a mission. They computer eventually shut down. Then when we got to the gate, we had too many boarding passes because their computer did it. They were annoyed that we had so many tickets and struggled to sort of all out – there were loads of sighs and looks.

When we were on the plane, no one sat next to me. Really??? After not paying for an extra seat I actually got one. No thanks to the air hostesses though.

I have sworn, I will never fly with them again. They are just awful.  they are unhelpful and no one takes responsibility for anything that happens there.  Service is definitely not a priority for them.

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