If you want to step back in time, Richmond Tasmania is the place to go!


We hired a car big enough for my parents, my children and I. Jon hired a little car for his excursions. Jon was going one way around Tasmania a day after arriving and we were going the other way around after spending a few more days in Hobart with my brother and his family. My brother worked in the day and the children were at school so we took the opportunity to go on day trips.2016 02 04 Tina_-4

Richmond was our first day trip. If you’re ready to step back in time, then Richmond is the place to go. It has very old buildings with super expensive craft stores up the little high street. It also has the oldest bridge in Australia which was a pretty sight. We spent a few hours just meandering down the streets, eating ice cream and looking in the old antique shops (that had antiques that were too expensive to buy) before heading out to Bonorong wildlife sanctuary.

2016 02 04 Tina_-72016 02 04 Tina_-18

The sanctuary was great – we just went at the wrong time of day – all the animals were sleeping. They have a guide at certain times of the day that take the animals out so you can touch them etc but it still would have been nice to see all the other sleeping animals. We had a good time there especially because we got to feed the kangaroos and their babies. I’m still dying to see the babies in their mothers pouch but these babies were too big.

2016 02 04 Tina_-25

It was a good, long day out, we all enjoyed it even though there wasn’t anything that was super amazing and that stood out as different.  It was just great to see what Tasmania has to offer even if nothing is as spectacular as what we are used to seeing.


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