A new story begins

It’s travel day! It’s all feeling slightly surreal. The house is packed up after having the last bits to do this morning.

We decided to book into a hotel for the day (they do day bookings) so leave the house at 10:30 and go to the hotel near the airport and then spend the day there before our 10:30pm flight. That way we all chill out and hopefully the kids would have a sleep (they never did) before the flight.

It was a huge rush to get out the door. The cleaners arrived at the same time as the cab (who was early) and we had to say good bye to the neighbours and drop my flowers there. I didn’t get a chance to check everything from the house was out.

Whilst on route Jon realised he had forgotten his lap top charger so we had to turn around to go and get it. I asked him if he was sure that he had the passports and he said he did.

When we arrived at the hotel, I realised that 2 plastic bags hadn’t come with – one with our change of clothes in and the other with the kid’s food and sippy cups.

We went to have some lunch and the cleaners called to say we had left our passports. So now it was panic. Jon needs to go all the way back home; 2 hours on public transport either way, to get the passports.   He went and bought a bus ticket and then went to the room to check if the passports were in his bag and they were! We figured it was our SA passports so that was a huge relief so we could send a friend to fetch them. As for the bottles, they will have to stay behind and we will need to buy more in the airport. Turns out, the clothes bag, was in another bag too.

Everyone needs a little bit of drama to start the holiday because it’s not stressful enough travelling for 25 hours with 2 children. We have managed to have a chilled afternoon despite the children not sleeping.


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