Hervey Bay- A place to unwind

Hervey Bay, this is some where you could go to with your family and just relax for a week. It’s a great holiday destination. We just didn’t get to spend enough time here to enjoy it as holiday destination.

Our apartment was right across the road from the beach. The beach was amazing for the children. At low tide, there was a load of sand and really shallow puddles for them to play in. At high tide, the water came right up to the rocks and you couldn’t get onto the beach. It had a great esplanade walk and an 800m long pier you could walk on which was bustling with other walkers and fisherman. Caleb wasn’t a fan of going for a walk along here as it was very bumpy in the pram – he kept asking to turn around.

Unfortunately, it rained for the entire day that we were there but we did get to go for a walk, build sand castles and swim a few times in the apartment pool. The great thing is that when it rains, it’s not actually cold. It’s quite a relief actually as it just cools everything down even if it’s just for an hour.

I wouldn’t say coffee shops are a ‘thing’ in Hervey Bay. They have a nice cafe, I think it was called Magoos Cafe, on the esplanade, but it didn’t have the best menu or coffee. It did have a little play area which had ride on toys for the children. They were all wet but my children didn’t seem to care, perhaps because they’re a bit deprived of those toys these days.

Our apartment was great. A little dated but super comfortable with all the essentials. We stayed at Santalina Bay. It was great actually to spend quite a bit of time at the apartment and not need to go anywhere. Lil’s had a 2 and a half nap so she must have been feeling relaxed too.

Even though there wasn’t anything totally memorable about this place, I would go back here just because it was a great location for a holiday and somewhere to unwind.

For some reason I only took one photo there and it doesn't really show how great it was!
For some reason I only took one photo there and it doesn’t really show how great it was!

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