Day 15 and 16 – There shall be no ‘business time’ in a camper van!

We’re half way and we’re still sane. Imagine that!  What an amazing time we’ve had in Queenstown!

The lake side has had its fair share of seeing us. Jon and Caleb even swam in the freezing water. Caleb did it by choice which I was really surprised about. It was so cold though, his little body was shaking and it took his breath away every time he went deeper.

2015 12 26 Tina_-31

We’ve eaten too much food!  People are going to know I’ve been on holiday just by the size of me when I get back. Although I normally try and watch what I eat, eating is so much of a cultural thing and we’re made to feel like we need to try all the nice things. We tried a burger place called Fergburger which had a queue out the door, all day, every day that we were there. It wasn’t even a sit down place so the queues were just for take away burgers. They were good but nothing special. We went for breakfast at a place called Vudu which was a pretty tasty breakfast and we had hot chocolates and coffees from Patagonia (best hot chocolate ever) and cookie time.

2015 12 27 Tina_-3

We went in the old steam boat. It was just a ride up the lake, Caleb liked that it was a steam boat and that it made a noise. He also liked seeing the engines and that they had fires inside the boat to make it run. The boat goes up to a farm and you can pay extra to get off there but we opted not to do that. The farm looked pretty amazing from the boat and you could go watch sheep shearing and things there but it didn’t really interest us. Caleb had a little old Italian lady buy him a packet of sweets on the boat (he only ate one or two of them) but she just thought he was the sweetest thing.

2015 12 26 Tina_-50

One of the most amazing things we did was jet boating.  The boats go really fast up the canals and do 360s. It’s not as scary as it sounds but it’s just a great experience. Jon and I went one at a time so the other person could watch the kids. This did end up taking up most of the day because we had to wait for each other but it was well worth it.

2015 12 27 Jon_-13

The fantastic weather was a bonus and added to the vibe and hip atmosphere in Queenstown. Parking was impossible at the lake but luckily we stayed in walking distance. The lake was packed with people both day and night and the streets were buzzing with people and buskers. We really enjoyed the vibe here.

2015 12 26 Tina_-47

We finally made use of our little tent whilst being here. I had the children in it for a bit to escape the heat and we used it for our bags so we didn’t have to keep putting them in and out. We figured if they got stolen, the people were actually doing us a favour by taking out stuff.

2015 12 25 Tina_-13

I can tell you that my husband is going crazy after 16 days in a camper and no married life action. Although he’s determined to get it right in the camper, I’m not sure how with having 2 children in there with one upstairs and one downstairs. I certainly don’t think I will give it a try. If he books us into a hotel at some point you know why.

I think we’re all leaving Queenstown a slightly darker shade of brown and we’re feeling fabulous from our vitamin D boost. Queenstown was a great town. We are glad we spent 4 nights here.

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