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Sorrento – August 2018

I can’t believe a whole year has gone by and Caleb has finished his first year of school. He did so well, I am so proud of him.

At one point, I thought we wouldn’t be travelling this summer holiday, Expedia were taking so long to give Jon locations and dates that I didn’t think we were going to get to go with. They finally came through at the last minute and said we were going to Italy. After lots of changes and bought flights that have to be missed, it was finally finalised and we are heading to Italy.

Jon left before us and went to shoot Naples because I didn’t really fancy Naples and we wanted him home in time to go with us to Portugal. The children and I flew in to Naples on the Saturday, once School had broken up, and got to Naples late in the evening. We checked into the hotel, ( I managed to leave Jon’s external hard drive with all his photos on in the taxi) slept and left the next morning in the hottest, fullest train ever, for Sorrento. It was my birthday and I had big plans which never really came to pass unfortunately.

After being on the hottest train for what felt like an eternity, but was only an hour, we arrived in hot humid Sorrento. Jon had emailed the guy who owned the apartment to say what time we would be arriving and he never got back to Jon. When we arrived at our apartment, Jon called him and he said we couldn’t check in for another 2 hours. We had bags and a pram and 2 hot tired children and literally sat on the pavement and waited for 2 hours. That definitely wasn’t how I expected to spend my birthday. Jon went and asked the hotel next door if we could use their pool while we were waiting but the denied us.

Finally at 2pm the owner came and opened up for us. Our accommodation was pretty decent and in a good location. After unpacking, and me walking for an hour to find a grocery store and being unsuccessful with it being Sunday, we headed to the beach. We bought the kids some new shoes on the way down as I had left Lil’s summer shoes at home, only for the children to get blisters from them after walking for 5 minutes. Our walk was through the old town and down a lift to get to the beach and as you can imagine, it was whine o’ clock with children who were tired, hot and who had blisters.

When we finally got to the beach, it was lovely – the smallest patch of sand with a million people trying to squeeze onto it but perfectly blue water with tiny waves and warm water. Lil’s didn’t want to go in at first, I had to force her, but once she was in and realised it was really nice, we couldn’t get her out.

After getting home from the beach, Jon bathed the kids and put them to bed whilst I went and wondered the streets and shops on my own for the evening. It was great to have the time to do it as I knew there would be no shopping with the children. I even got to watch the sunset over the beach, which was beautiful. Even though it was a birthday evening on my own, it was a great way to finish off the day.

The following day was spent on the beach and just chilling at our apartment – Jon was working. Did I mention with ice creams from ‘we love Puros’ which had swings inside? Every time we passed this shop, the children thought it was an invitation to have delicious gelato and it was.

Jon did a bit of shooting the next morning and then rushed home to come with us to Positano – A little fishing village. I’m not usually anxious about going anywhere with the children but this place, was one place I was feeling slightly scared for.  I had done a lot of research on the web about it as I had seen that the walk up and down the hill was awful with so many stairs to do.  I didn’t think the kids were going to actually do it.  The internet had scared me!

We queued for half an hour to get on the bus to go to Positano (hottest bus in the world), the bus ride was terrrible. We stood for an hour, literally up close to another person, sweating with no fans or aircon and on the windiest roads with sheer drops down into the sea. I felt so car sick and couldn’t wait to get out.

When we finally arrived there, we were dropped off on top of the hill. We had to get the children down the hill and Lil’s whined most of the way down until we got to a frozen lemon gelato drinks stand – that made her happy and cooled her down for a bit. The beach area was stunning, we had to pay a fortune (€50) to get chairs and umbrellas for a few hours (which we didn’t really use) and the beach was packed with tourists. We had a great few hours in the water which had a huge shore break and finding little stones (gems) and shells in the shingle on the beach.  We ended off the day with some pizza on the beach before making our way to the top of the hill again to get home.

The walk back up to the bus was not as bad as people had made out on the internet.  There were hardly any stairs to climb it was on the road with a few shops and markets along the way to look at.  The children walked up hassle free with the promise of ice cream when we got to the top, so that kept them walking without whining.  I was a little disappointed at how easy the walk was as I feel I had freaked myself out with reading the internet.

The wait was long for the bus on the side of this dodgy road but we were glad we came to see Positano.  The views were lovely and I am glad we made the mission for them and to swim in the beautiful clear and warm water. Positano is a place that would be lovely to go to out of season to just mooch on the beach. The bus ride is awful but the walk is absolutely do able even for a 3 and 5 year old.

We were up early the following morning to get to our ferry which was taking us to the island Ischia. Sorrento was a great little village with plenty of shops, lemon stalls and few sights to see. It’s mainly the beaches that people go for but there’s something about the place that seems somewhat romantic.

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