Durdle door

October 2017

After  half a term of school we’ve decided to spend the week in Durdle Door, as a little mini family get away, but we didn’t realise all that we were going to endure.

A 3 hour drive was the first thing we had to do. Lucky for us, the children are well travelled so this was a dream. Even with having had Lil’s recently potty trained, we didn’t have to keep stopping for toilet breaks. She went once in 3 hours – pretty impressive!

Arriving at our Air BnB accommodation was interesting. We took in our bags of groceries with raw chicken and bacon to cook and a whole fridge full of vegetables and fruit only to find there was no where to cook and we had a fridge the size of a book!  Well, the groceries had to go in the bin and we were going to be eating out for 4 days. Jon totally overlooked that somehow when he booked. Then, the outdoor toilet and shower was not only OUTDOORS but it was also a shared bathroom. Had it been with a family it probably wouldn’t have been so bad but no, it was with a dad and son. Can you imagine the mess we were going to endure?

And… to add insult to injury- a hurricane!  We had checked the weather in advance and had seen it was going to be windy so because of this, I packed in our DVDs so we could have a DVD afternoon – no DVD player, no TV. The wind was insane! Caleb couldn’t even stand upright in it. The children and I ended up sitting in the car whilst Jon went to shoot the beach because the wind was so insane. The car was rocking from side to side as we sat in it waiting for Jon.  I envisioned ourselves being blown off the cliff in the car whilst we waited. I managed to leave Lil’s coat at home too. How did I manage to do that? She was fine to be tucked into my coat in the pouch and I just layered her up but it wasn’t the most ideal situation for storm weather.

We got back to the Air BnB and there was no electricity.  It was pitch dark and freezing cold with rain and wind so there was no ways we were taking the children to the outside bathroom to shower in a cold shower in the dark.  We then had to put them to bed in the pitch dark which freaked Lil’s out.  She kept saying ‘I can’t see anything!’ It was so dark you literally could not see your hand in front of your face. It took her a while to settle down before falling asleep.  Jon’s and my phone were going flat so whilst reading our kindle books in the pitch darkness, we were trying to share the portable phone charger so we didn’t lose battery power.  Eventually at about 9pm the lights came on.  Every light in the house went on but thankfully the children didn’t wake.

At 2am, we woke to the loudest sounding alarm.  I had seen the fire alarm in our room so I was trying to tell Jon he needed to push the button to switch it off but consequently,  he couldn’t hear me.  Thankfully it stopped on it’s own.  The children didn’t wake (not sure how that was possible!) and the owners didn’t know what the alarm was when we told them about it in the morning.

The next 2 days were spent exploring the nearby towns, and beaches.  It was freezing and we stocked up on a few warmer clothes from one of the towns.  The weather was absolutely awful our whole trip, raining and cold but we had a really good time despite all of this.  Thankfully, there were no more hiccups after the first day. We loved exploring this side of the UK.  It was beautiful and perhaps a place we need to revisit when the weather is better and we can spend more time on the beaches.



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