We survived the first half term of normal life

October 2017

Our first half term of school is completed…

The term has been fantastic!  Caleb has slipped into school with no issues at all, in fact he has loved every minute of it. Upon asking him, after his day at school, what made him sad, he replied with ‘nothing, I was happy the whole day!’  From a mom who was worried about sending her son into the big bad world, this is such great news. He’s already learning to read and knows all his high frequency words. He’s made great friends and we’ve had numerous play dates. I’ve met the other moms and am loving doing life with other moms in the same area as us and who have children the same age. Lil’s has made friends her own age too and she’s settled in to being an only child in the day. We’ve had melt downs in the afternoons from Caleb and he’s often come home to fight with Lil’s all afternoon but I’ve come to realise he needs a snack and half an hour of TV time or time in his room on his own before he’s ready to talk and be normal again. I think we fail to remember how full on it is for these little people and how stimulated they’re getting for the entire day.

Caleb loves his teacher and teachers aid. He’s so eager to please her and to get house points. I reckon he’s one of the really good ones in class.

I found it unsettling at first doing the same thing day in and day out and on repeat every week.  I felt there was more to do and was constantly thinking, ‘why am I home? I need to be out and doing something!’  I have managed to find my groove though and am enjoying being home, I’ve been helping out at 2 of the playgroups that I go to with Lil’s which has been great to be apart of something and to feel like I’m actually doing something. We attend swimming lessons once a week which Lil’s is loving and we go to a life group together where I get to fellowship with other moms and there are a few girls Lil’s age that she gets to play with.

Lil’s has potty trained and given up her dummy and she was such a champ. I was worried because there was so much change for this little person all at once but in fact, it was so easy. She had 2 minutes of crying the first night after the dummies were given to the ducks and then she totally accepted it after that and didn’t worry about it again. We had hardly any accidents with potty training and she has even been dry at night.  She struggled the first few days Caleb was at school, she was constantly asking where he is and when he was coming home.  She’s used to being on he go all the time and have her brother at her side every minute of every day so this took her a little time to get used to him not being there.

We’ve managed to connect with church friends and I’m helping out with children’s church. I’ve been doing some photography including shooting 53 children for a Christmas shoot at playgroup.

We had the in-laws visit us and it was so good to add some family time to the half term too.

Wow, I feel like it’s been such a good half term. I feel God has blessed us abundantly with great people around us to do life with.  Let’s hope the next half term is as good or even better than this one has been.



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