Would I travel the world again with 2 children?

Moulins, Clermont and Limoges – August 2017

Now if I had to suggest places to visit in France, it wouldn’t be these places we’ve been to on this trip. Yes, they have some beautiful things to them and yes, we had a good time visiting them but I feel like they are more places people go to live in France rather than to visit for a holiday.  I find the accommodation you stay in always makes a difference on how you feel about a place and maybe that has been part of our problem this trip?

Moulins was just a drive through. We stopped, the kids and I had a swim at the public pool, which was fantastic! It had an indoor and outdoor area.  We stayed indoors as it was pretty warm outside and the children didn’t want to be so hot, the indoor pools were warm with a little slide and sprinkles to play in. It was the highlight of the trip for the children. We got to walk around the main square area as well as stop in for lunch at the bakery.


Our accommodation in Clermont wasn’t great at all. It was hot with no way of making it cooler. Everything was old and it had a terrible little kitchen. Limoges accommodation was great but there was no cooking facilities, it was a hotel room, super modern and super clean.  The children had a bunk bed which they loved, Caleb loves sleeping on the top bunk. When you are trying to eat super healthily this is hard especially when kitchens in restaurants are closed until 7pm and you have children who eat at 5pm.  We end up going to the supermarket to get a picnic dinner and the easiest things to do are breads and cold meats and cheeses.

Limoges was ok. The half timber homes were great to see and there were loads of antique stores again. We arrived on Sunday, which is never a good day to arrive, everything was closed. We spent the afternoon in the park but there seemed to be the dodgiest characters hanging around so I didn’t really feel safe there with the children on my own. The second day was better. We visited the aquarium which was terrible, it literally took us 15 minutes to see everything, we actually went around a second time as I wasn’t satisfied with the amount we paid and the amount of time it took us to walk around.

After our aquarium visit, we walked to the botanical gardens where the children had a play in the park and then we watched the fountains for a bit. They love watching the fountains but obviously want to put their hands and feet in. Yes, Lil’s fell in. She was soaking but luckily it was warm and her t-shirt dried quickly so she ran around in her nappy and t shirt. We visited the cathedral that took 600 years to build. It was pretty impressive but looked like any other cathedral we’ve seen (I might be slightly over seeing cities and churches as you can tell from my non chalant attitude).


Whilst walking home through the dodgy park from the previous day, the children wanted to climb on the statues. They came up with their own game and played there for an hour.

After playing in the soft play area in the nearby mall, we headed back to our hotel. To be honest, I was dreading today thinking we would have nothing to do but we managed to stay out all day and the children had an absolute ball playing all day long. They were exhausted this evening.

I wouldn’t say this has been our most exciting trip we’ve done but it was a trip. Memories were made and we got to spend it together as a family. Am I ready to be home? Totally! Am I ready to be ‘normal’? I think I am, but I am nervous about it. So here’s to 2 years of travelling. It’s been an absolute blast. It’s not the end, I would recommend to everyone to travel with your children whilst they are young. We feel it gets harder as they get older. So travel, see the world and don’t ever stop. We don’t plan to! These past 2 years have been the best years.  We’ve learnt so much about ourselves, each other and we’ve made memories like no other. If someone asked me, ‘would you do it again?’  I would do it again in a heart beat – It was that good. Was it hard? It absolutely was but it was totally worth it and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  My children have grown so much in this time and not just in size but in character.  I am so proud of these little humans I’ve managed to make memories with whilst travelling.  Thanks for reading along with us whilst we’ve been on our journey but please don’t stop.



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