A tiny wine town in France – anyones idea of fun?

Beaune, France August 2017

I am not a morning person!!!!  5am starts are not my favourite but at least it wasn’t 4am right?

After our taxi ride and the long waits through the airport security we needed breakfast. We didn’t have that much time to waste and the children were begging to play at the soft play. All the restaurants had long queues outside the doors to get in for breakfast, obviously because it’s holidays, everyone is travelling. We eventually ended up in Waggamamas for the quickest breakfast ever. Whilst I finished off eating, Jon took the kids for a play in the play area but only for about 10 minutes before our plane started boarding (this is one problem with doing so much travelling – the children know which airports have play areas!) .

We had a pleasant flight, Caleb fell asleep on the plane and slept the entire way through landing, security, bag collection, bus ride and fetching our car. Lil’s fell asleep when we were on the bus to fetch the car and slept through most of the 2 hour car drive from Lyon to Beaune.

It was a long day – so much travelling and waiting around. Despite the early morning, the children were amazing. Jon started working as soon as we got to our accommodation, I just couldn’t bring myself to go out and explore just yet. I was exhausted! The children and I went to get some groceries as we’re in a self catering apartment. The grocery store was across the road but they whined throughout the whole shop so I didn’t feel like they could go out either so we just stayed home.

We had 2 full days in this tiny wine town. Apart from vineyards, a tiny old town and antique stores, there wasn’t that much more to do. We did find a lovely park which had a lake with ducks and fish and we even went for a row on the lake in the row boat.  The children loved this as it was something we had never done with them before.  Jon was able to stop work for an hour to join us for our boat ride.  To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure I would have been any good at rowing the 3 of us around the lake on my own – I’m a little too weak for that.

The old town had a merry go round and on one of the days it had the smallest jumping castle I’ve ever seen. It did have a tiny market on one of the days too but it literally took me 2 minutes to walk through and it wasn’t the most exciting market either. The children never get tired of the merry go rounds.  They could literally go on every day and more than once if I let them.

I’m not sure Beaune is a destination anyone needs to visit unless they are wanting good wine. Apparently one of the best in the world, but I wouldn’t know. The only wine I tasted, wasn’t very nice but I’m no judge to go by as I’m a useless wine drinker.

Our accommodation wasn’t amazing. It had loads of space but it was super old school with antiques everywhere. It was fun trying to keep the children from touching and playing with it all – as you could well imagine! It’s only saving grace was that it had white bedding or I would have been freaked out. One thing I can’t understand about places that rent out is the cloth situation. How hard is it to put new, clean cloths out for guests?  They left us with this disgusting looking sponge that I wouldn’t even touch and the second day was a public holiday so the shops were closed so that was 2 days without a cloth!!  Jon says I’m ridiculous but I literally cannot touch it, it’s so gross. Anyone else have this problem?

The children have been sick since before we left and nothing has changed yet. We’ve been up every night with one child coughing for more than a week now. Lil’s coughing freaks me out as I’m scared it turns to croup again. I’m pretty sure she has more going on than just a cold with her coughing as her coughing seems like it’s never ending. I’m wondering if it’s asthma or something a little more serious as it’s night time coughing attacks that she has. She will definitely be visiting the doctor when we get home.

Well, only 5 more nights in France, these small trips are quite pleasurable actually compared to the very long ones – the end is in sight early on so it feels like it’s easier to get through places that don’t offer too much.

Today we have a 2 hour drive to one town, Jon will shoot there for a few hours and then 2 hours to the next town where we will be staying for another 3 nights. Let the travels continue…



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