We’re tired and ready to be home!

The rest of Spain – Oviedo, Bilboa, Santander

I could spend an entire blog post or 4/5 writing about each individual place we went to in Spain but I’d bore you to death. Even I’m feeling super uninspired to write about it.

The cities we’ve seen have been so average with nothing grand that stands out from any of them. The ones that had beaches were great and just for that reason – they had beaches and, we had great weather. The children and I both love the beach. I don’t even swim, it’s just the feeling of the cold water lapping up against your feet and legs that revitalises you. The stepping of bare feet onto the warm sand and it parting your toes as you walk. The sun beating down on your naked exposed skin – there’s nothing like it. The children get so giddy. They run around squealing with excitement in the sea and on some days they even out played me. People who pass by actually stop to watch the children having the best time and always leave smiling and mumbling something in Spanish that I’ll never understand. So yes, there was some good from the cities we went to but the actual town part of them, the old towns and main squares, were nothing you’d desire to see.


Jon was super excited about Bilboa but just for the architecture. Not even Bilboa interested me or caught my attention. I thought it was because I was a little over travelling and seeing cities but it was all different when we arrived in Lisbon so clearly that wasn’t the problem.
I definitely bought too many winter clothes with us but you never know what the weather is going to do for 29 days. I should have bought more summer clothes. Luckily, there has been wash machines at most places we have stayed in.

We have played in many playgrounds in fact, a different one everyday so my children are playground veterans. But the great thing is, they’ve made a few Spanish companions whilst being in the playgrounds without even speaking the same language as them. It’s been really great to watch and it’s been so good for them. Children are amazing how they can make friends anywhere and with anyone.

Being on the road for 29 days is long. I must say, we are all ready for home, Jon’s tired and the children and I are just ready for some normalcy – if that even exists. We are grateful for the adventures we’ve had, nothing could ever replace the memories we’ve made and the experiences we’ve shared together. It’s important to remember this when things are feeling tough and you’re ready to be home. The truth of the matter is that once we’re home and finished travelling, we are going to wish to have these days back so, even when it’s hard, we try to cherish every moment.

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