The most unimpressive city we’ve seen


I’m not sure why any tourist would ever need to or want to come here. There’s nothing here for tourists.

There’s a high street with some shops, enough to keep you busy for a while I suppose. There are no impressive buildings or amazing parks or even note worthy church’s.

We went to one garden which was really small. It had some ducks and impressive peacocks. It included a decent playground and a spot to buy an ice cream. It even had a little train for the children to go on a short ride. It was a small garden but the children enjoyed it despite me being told off twice by security that I wasn’t allowed on the grass.

The merry go round was another firm favourite and with the temperatures being ridiculously hot, 34 degrees, the massive fountain, which was the most impressive site there, was loads of fun to play in too.

We went for a tour around the horse farm which is supposed to be the tourist highlight. We were very excited to see the horses but the tour was terrible. It was super boring, the horses were in the stables and we got to see them for about 15 minutes. They were really nice horses and were very sweet. Caleb enjoyed feeding them too. We thought we would see them getting ridden or handles something a little more note worthy than saying hi to them in the stables for 15 minutes. The rest of the time we were told about the trees, carriages and the farm lands.

Apart from this, which seems like a lot right? There wasn’t anything. If we had stayed another night we would have nothing else to do. It was by no means an impressive city or one that would be one to return to. Jon and I had a discussion afterwards and for us to live there, we would need to be paid a ton of money and we would never live there long term. I think we always use this as a judgement as to what a place is like. If it’s great, we or one of us would want to live there – there are too many places Jon would like to live.

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