A little time out in the Pink City

Toulouse – May 2017

Picture it. You’re going on holiday to another city. It’s so exciting right? You get to see the sites, do some shopping in the main areas, buy some tourist tat, eat out, have coffees and cake in different locations and you do all this over 3 or 4 days.

Well, yes, after a year and half, it is still exciting however, it’s not a holiday. I call it ‘doing life in another country.’ So, yes we see all the sites, well all I can with 2 children in tow. We’re not into museums so I don’t tend to go to those (I know I should probably let the children experience these more) and a lot of the cities tourist sites involve either museums or church’s.

We can’t eat out all the time or even everyday, not when you’re doing this as ‘life’ rather than just travelling. Partly because it’s super unhealthy and partly because I don’t want my children growing up on fast foods.

We can’t have coffees and cakes out everyday because again, it’s unhealthy, I don’t drink coffee and the expense of it would wrack up quickly.

We don’t shop, when you’re on the road for as long as we are (29 days this time), you don’t want to be lugging extra weight around, you don’t have any extra weight to carry around and we would have a house full of tat if we bought something from every place we go to.

So what have we done in Toulouse then? Well to be honest 4 days felt a little long for us but we weren’t bored at any time.

On most days, we spent 5 hours out and about. We walked the streets and window shopped in the many boutique stores. They were too expensive to buy anything but they were great to see.

Finding different playgrounds to play in is always fun. We never know what we will find and if we will find anything but we always go looking, sometimes we find things like merry go rounds and we get to play on those too. The children even got in the fountains on one of the days. There were big signs up saying you can’t go in but it was so hot on the last day there that there were plenty of children having fun. At one point I saw the police come over but I guess nobody wanted to be ‘that guy’ who ruins all the fun.

Apart from this, we spent some time in the apartment, which was fantastic both spending time there and our apartment. Because the week home was crazy and because the children have been a little ill, it’s been great to get to have some down time. We met Jon out twice for a meal but other then that, we shopped for groceries and I made food.

I had two days of super grumpy children for some reason. Not sure what was up with them. They haven’t been a hundred percent with colds, Lil’s had had an eye infection too and Caleb had sore ears. I’m guessing this was the problem.

I have had what I thought was a cold but have realised it was hay fever. I’ve managed to find some pills and feel so much better. On the last day here though, I woke up with an eye infection. I’m hoping they’ve given me the right meds considering their was a language barrier. I guess it needs a few days to start working.

Toulouse is a great pink city (Known as the pink city because of all the brick work everywhere). There are so many eating out options and with the great weather it has the tables and chairs spilling out on the many squares which makes it the perfect place to dine.

There are loads of church’s and museums to explore with great shopping to be had. The people here are super friendly, the friendliest French people we have ever met.

Doing life in other countries is an interesting life to have. It’s great but is hard at the same time. We get to experience most of the city life but because we do it so often we miss out on a lot of the experiences too.

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