did we get a chance to catch our breath?


One week at home is definitely not enough between trips. I think it’s actually easier to stay on the road then to go home for a week.

After taking 3 trains, a plane and a taxi we finally arrived home at 6pm. We had friends staying over whilst we were away which meant bedding needed to be changed before we got to jump into bed. Thankfully the children slept in the plane so they didn’t need an early bed time. I bought dinner at M and S in the airport and our groceries arrived at 9pm.

In one week, I did 12 loads of washing and we didn’t have the best weather either to hang clothes up. Any electricity we saved whilst being away was used up this week on washing.

Being home is great. The children love going to their play groups, Caleb told me to drive faster the first day we went. We love seeing our friends and just having some time to relax. Relaxing didn’t happen this time round. It felt manic.

We were busy every day and every night barring 2. We had to deal with eye infections and Jon took Caleb to A and E with ear ache just before leaving where he sat for 4 hours and got home at 1am. Jon worked everyday we were home and had some shoots he had to do and edit before we left.

We loved catching up with everyone but just felt like we didn’t have enough time to spend with them all.

I don’t feel like the children had had long enough either. Our next trip is a long one and Caleb keeps asking for it to be shorter. I think the only thing that’s going to keep him going is that our next trip is to see the grannies.

Even though I could quite easily stay home this time round, I keep remembering that we have 3 more trips to go before we’re home for good so we need to make the most of this fantastic opportunity we have.

So, we’re starting the trip off exhausted, things could be worse. We’re hoping there will be no more sickness and that we will get to catch up a little on some sleep and that the children and I will get a few down days. Jon’s amazing, he just keeps going. Despite being tired, he’s able to get himself up early and do the best job.

So here’s to another trip – a 29 day trip. We look forward to catching up with everyone one and all the ‘house things’ when we are home for only another week.

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