Dirty, grungy, arty Genoa

Dirty, grungy, arty Genoa – May 2017

Dirty, grungy, arty yet some how appealing is how we felt about Genoa or Genova (same place, 2 names).

The children had an absolute ball here. The harbour area is fantastic for families with so much to do. There are huge super slides, playgrounds, an aquarium (which was pretty impressive) and apparently an interactive play place (we never went there). Just be warned, it’s not cheap!

The aquarium was one of the best I’ve seen. I spent 3 hours in there with the children and they were entertained the entire time. The tanks were pretty much ceiling to floor throughout the whole place with massive fish, seals, manatees, dolphins, penguins, jelly fish and an area where they could put their hands in the water. They had a ball and even asked to go back again the following day.

The old town was alright as far as old towns go. It wasn’t extremely grand and nor did it have anything that would be note worthy (by my standards anyways) but there were plenty of eating places and pastry shops. We did tour on a Sunday and there were second hand markets in front of the cathedral which was great to look at.

I did find it a little seedy and felt like I had to watch my bag and purse at all times. There were constantly people loitering around and trying to sell us things and putting articles in the children’s hands with the hope of us buying them. It was pretty annoying!

The children and I caught a taxi on one of the days to one of the beach towns nearby. The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of stairs there were. The beach was tiny and had stones which the children enjoyed throwing into the water and it was quite picturesque. I thought I’d walk a little way along the coast and try and get a bus back. I ended up walking way too far as I needed to try find a shop to buy a bus ticket. I couldn’t find one. Everyone I asked, didn’t speak English but I was using google translate to ask and no one knew any place near by. I kept walking. Finally, after about 45 mins, I went to a bus stop, I google translated there to someone and they sold me their own personal ticket. The locals must carry a few on them for situations like this. I’m not sure what other tourists do about bus tickets but I’m sure they must be more prepared than I was.

The taxi ride there was 10 euros but the ride back (which was 2 buses) was only 1,50. Yeah it was 3 times the time but it was quite pleasant and the children enjoyed it.

We stayed in an apartment right opposite the harbour so our location was really good and our apartment was perfect.

We all had a good time here, I ate too much good food. Italy is definitely not the right country for me. Too much chocolate, pastries, pastas, pizza and delicious hot chocolates. Jon finished work here and we’ve got a few personal days in Cinque terre before heading home.

Jon firmly believes that Genoa is an up and coming city. He thinks that in a few years time, it’s going to be one of ‘the places’ to visit. He might be right but hopefully they will be able to sort the seedy side to it as it does make it a little less appealing.

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