Not our favourite days out!

Brescia and Bergamo

Hmmm, not my favourite 4 days at these two spots. Both with old towns but nothing to write home about. I wonder if Verona has ruined it for me? It was so great there that it makes other old town seems ordinary.

Brescia old town is pretty small with only a few grand buildings to look at. We wondered the streets and perhaps it wasn’t the greatest because it was a Sunday, it was very quiet and most places were closed. Our full day here seemed to be the longest day ever. Every time I looked at my watch, I was surprised by how early in the day it still was. I have no idea why, I guess it was the fact that I was just trying to find things to do all day to keep the children occupied.

Brescia was saved by the fact that we had a playground opposite our hotel room and a mall on the next block down. The weather was beautiful so I tried to stay outside in the playground as long as I could. The mall was quite child friendly, with ride on machines and a soft play area to play in.

My not so proud mum moment – I fed my kids Mc Donald’s for dinner one night. My body was tired and achy from our trip into Verona the previous day, I didn’t feel like walking the 15 minute walk to the old town and Mc Donald’s was the easiest option. Good thing is, my children didn’t even like it. I did feel guilty for days afterwards but I keep reminding myself that one bad meal like that is not going to ruin them forever.

Our first day in Bragoma was awful. It was pouring with rain, our check in time at the hotel was 3pm. The children and I pretty much spent the entire day in the car waiting for Jon to shoot. We did get out at the monastery as the rain subsided a bit there but the rest of the time, we were in the car.

It was a public holiday so most places were closed. Finding lunch and dinner for the family proved to be fun when even the petrol station shops were closed. I now have to consider 3 people, there likes and dislikes and what they will and won’t eat. It’s pretty difficult. I don’t even throw myself into the equation, I choose to just eat what ever and where everyone else is happy. We ended up getting food from 3 different places in order to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Our full day we had here to explore was a little better. I spent the morning exploring the old town with the children. You had to go up a fernicular to get there (which the children loved) and up another one to see a view point of the old town. The old town was small but kept us busy for a while. I ended up buying everyone jewellery as presents for up coming events.

Caleb had woken Lil’s up super early this morning – this is the problem with them sharing a double bed – so I took them home for a nap mid afternoon. They both refused.

Walking to the shop proved to be a fun event. We needed nappies so we had to walk in to the other old town which was down the hill from the other one. We found the shop, we got some snack food for the road for the next day too and the children were whiney they were hungry so I thought we would go out to a restaurant to eat.
After walking for about half an hour and going into every restaurant to see if they had spaghetti or a hotdog (the choice of the day!) I gave up as everyone’s kitchens were closed until later in the evening. I even begged one of them to make me spaghetti for Lil’s because she was whining so much about it but even they refused.

Lil’s eventually just fell asleep on our walk so she got a half an hour rest in which carried her over to bed time. Oh, I guess you’re wondering what they ate in the end? Well Caleb finally agreed to have pizza (poor child has been living on pizza for 8 days) but he had a few bites and wouldn’t eat anymore because he said it had too much tomato paste.

When we got back to our apartment, I had left over pasta in a bag from one of our previous places that had cooking facilities and I put the pasta in the kettle and let it boil for 10 minutes. Thankfully the kettle didn’t turn off automatically so I could just keep it going. It sprayed everywhere though and I had to keep adding some cold water to stop it from bubbling over but, my child got her pasta!!

They did also have yoghurt and fruit and some salty cracks for dinner.

So even though we didn’t have the worst time in these places, I wouldn’t rush back to see them again or recommend them as places to visit. Italy is a great place to visit though, the people have been super friendly everywhere we have been especially when they see you have children. I’m still yet to have a good pasta dish here though.

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