I might have fallen in love

Verona – April 2017

I’ve just sat down at 8pm. I’m exhausted from this crazy adventure I decided to go on today. Not that I’m regretting it, in fact it’s the total opposite, I’m so glad I did it but it has left me wanting more.

Last night, I booked tickets for the train for the children and I to go to Verona. It’s a 45 minute train ride away. Simple right? Well not when you first have to catch a bus and then a train in a foreign country with a foreign language and with 2 children. I left this morning feeling slightly nervous and thinking ‘what have I actually done’ but because the tickets were booked, there was no backing out of it.

I had booked the earliest tickets I could and that was at 11:40. We were ready and hanging around and I had seen there was an earlier train so thought I’d try get on the earlier train and see what happens. On the way from Venice, no one checked our tickets so I assumed it might be the same. Well, I was wrong. We got on the train after a fairly easy bus ride (it was so packed that I couldn’t even scan my ticket!), finally we found a seat and then…the guy came around to check our tickets. I casually showed him mine thinking I’m sure it will be fine because the web site said you could travel 4 hours after your time. He then told me I either had to get off at the next stop or pay an extra £25. There was only one more stop to go after that so why he didn’t just let me carry on I’ll never know. I opted to get off and wait the half an hour for the next train.

The children were so good just sitting on the platform and waiting. We eventually got to Verona but had to do a 10 minute walk to the old town. Remember now, I’m carrying one and pushing another so I could have easily taken a bus but thought I’d save us the cash.

The old town was stunning. The buildings are fairy tale like and there is just character on every corner. I loved exploring through it, seeing Romeo and Juliets balconies (even if they were packed with tourists), walking the river, seeing the beautiful cafes and just getting lost in it all. We went up the tower too and got to see the town from above. I did feel like I ran through the town in order to see as much as I could in the few hours that we had.

The children were rewarded with an ice cream from my favourite ice cream place – Grom. We call it a sneaky treat when it’s not a Saturday treat. They also got to walk around the Disney store which they enjoy doing. Lil’s squeals the characters names out as she walks around. She got a late birthday present from there from her granny who had sent her money. Caleb had already spent his and he said he understood and was quite happy with it.

The one thing I hadn’t seen and I really wanted to see was the castle bridge. I checked and it was 7 minutes away and I thought it would be close to the station. We walked there, I took some pictures and I checked the time, it was later then I thought. For some reason, my Fitbit had lost time in the day and it was half an hour earlier on there then what it actually was. It was 3:55, my map said a 20 minute walk to the station and our train left at 4:21. Eek! Lil’s was adamant she was holding her new gift, which was rather large and in a packet, and I had to walk like no man had ever walked with 2 children before. I think I looked quite a sight. I was red faced and super sweaty as I finished the, what was meant to be 20 minute walk, in 10 minutes. We were even early for the train. Not by much but we were.

After arriving back in Padua, we had to catch another bus. Jon was home already just to help with bath time. He threw them in the shower quickly whilst I warmed the dinner (thankfully we had some left over from the previous night). The children ate dinner and Jon headed out again back to work. I put them to sleep, showered and washed my hair, packed our bag, put photos on Facebook and by then I was totally ready for bed.

We had a really fun day out the kids and I. I’m so glad we did it. I would love to go back to Verona maybe just for a weekend some time especially for Jon to see it too.

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