What about your washing?

This is a question I get asked a lot so here’s what happens

I have a bag of 20kgs with the children’s things and my things in. Jon’s bag is just for him and his camera stuff. I pack 5-7 days worth of clothing for each of us and that’s it for a 2-3 weeks long trip.

Because we stay in apartments a lot of the time, this means that often they have a wash machine. I get to do my washing there provided they have a tumble dryer or if we’re there for more than a night for it to dry. The fun part is usually tying to find places to hang the washing to dry it.

On our last trip (in the Carribean), there were no apartments. At one hotel we could do our own washing but that was it for 3 weeks! Paying the hotel to do washing is just ridiculous! You can go out and buy clothes for cheaper which is what we do at times but that means you have to throw out older clothes to make space in your bag. I’m not very good at throwing away something that is perfectly good and doesn’t deserve to be thrown away.

There has been many days where we have worn dirty clothes but who knows or cares right? I’ve hand washed a few times too just to have clean underwear.

I guess there’s no real answer to how we get around it. We just pack as light as we can and see what happens when we get there. It changes every time and we can’t be guaranteed what we will find in our accommodation. It’s part of the adventure!

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