When you pay 4 euros for a terrible cup of tea!

Padua – April 2017

To be honest, there’s not that much to say about Padua. It’s has rained for 3 out of the 4 days we have been here so I guess that doesn’t help much but at the same time, I think 4 nights is far too long here. It’s a place to come to for a day visit.

The saving grace for us here has been our great apartment. It’s amazing what a difference your living facilities make. I’m thankful for the space we’ve had for the children to play here in the afternoons and it’s really modern and clean.

Padua is a university city. It has great coffee shops, great architecture everywhere you look but that’s about it. Yes, you could shop if you wanted to but there’s nothing out of the ordinary here.

I have found it hard to keep the children entertained here. They’re not interested in seeing buildings or the hundreds of archways that laden every street. With the rain, the playgrounds were wet although we did try our luck going there.

We spent some time in the botanical gardens but that too was quite small and took us an hour to get through at the most. The history behind it was good to know and I guess that goes for the whole city really.

We went to a famous cafe that served awful tea for 4 euros (nothing fancy about it!) but they had 2 small children’s tables with some building blocks on which the children enjoyed. They were dirty, not even full sets, 2 shabby sets of different blocks thrown into the same container but they provided the entertainment I needed, at least for a little while.

I walked the streets a lot with the children and because the streets in the old town are pedestrian only, they got to run through the streets there and jump in muddy puddles.

If you’re not wanting to eat good food, drink a lot of coffees and see buildings I wouldn’t recommend coming here especially with children. If you were looking for somewhere to go for a day visit from Venice then yes, maybe pop in to see it as the buildings are quite grand but I’m not sure I would go out of my way to come back here again.

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