Not enough time

Venice – April 2017
It’s 7pm and I’ve showered, I have a cup of tea, a chocolate and I’m ready for bed. The sun is still beaming down through our windows but I’m tempted to shut the outside blinds and sleep until the morning.

8:30am and the taxi arrived to fetch us for our 12pm flight. We’re conscious of the traffic in the morning and we have to be at the airport at 9:30am. We arrived early but that was ok, rather early then late for a flight right? Every thing was so easy. A quick check in, super fast through security, kids got to play in the play area, I got to have a cacao and mint tea from Pret, Jon got a relatively good coffee, we got to the gate and boarded straight away – it was amazing. Clearly a good time of the day/week/year to be travelling.

Flying was a breeze, an hour and 40 minute flight – the children were super demanding and wanted food the whole way but they weren’t naughty or anything so I can handle that.
We arrived in Venice and again, quick through the airport. After having bought tickets to the boat to get to the island of Venice, we got to the boat and there was a massive queue and no Boats in sight. When one did come, it allowed about 10 people on and the rest of the 60 of us were left waiting there for ages for the next few boats to come. Once the boat finally arrived, it was relatively easy getting across.

Our walk to our apartment was meant to be 5 minutes but ended up being about half an hour after we walked in circles following the map to nothing. Now Venice is not somewhere you want to get lost with 2 x 23 kg bags, a pram, 3 hand luggage bags and a child in your pouch. There are way too many bridges with steps to have to endure.

By the time we finally found our place, it was 5pm. We called the owner for the keys who said he would be 15 mins and ended up being 35 minutes. I had 2 hungry and tired children who also wanted an ice cream – not easy to keep them happy.

We were let into our apartment, it was a dungeon – so dark and not very pretty to look at. It had a toilet with a bida so close that I couldn’t even sit straight on the toilet (I’m not sure how Jon was going to sit). The shower was so tiny that I literally couldn’t move in it, the water poured all over the floor instead. To top things off, the room hadn’t been cleaned from the previous people staying. The owner realised thankfully and we told him we were leaving and he could sort it out.


Whilst having dinner, the cleaners came in and sorted it. We finally found a place that would take a card as payment and Caleb was thrilled with Pizza. Lil’s was adamant she was having pizza because she didn’t like it and said she wanted a plain roll. She ended up eating most of her pizza and a few bites of her roll. The children’s pizza was just a cheese pizza but they loved it.

Even though it was late, we decided to do a little bit of exploring because we knew we wouldn’t have too much time in the morning. First, we had to do a stop for ice cream. Caleb had a few licks, as he usually does and says he has enough. Lil’s ice cream ended up all over me as I was carrying her whilst we were eating. We first went to the Realto bridge and then walked all the way to the Academea bridge for the sunset and lights coming on.

Lil’s fell asleep in the pouch on the way home but Caleb was adamant he was staying awake to watch something on the iPad.

After having an awful nights sleep with a mosquito buzzing around our heads constantly and the noise of the neighbours above us, I struggled to get myself up in the morning. Jon had gone out for sun rise but I finally got up at 7:30 after saying just 5 more minutes about 5 times. Lil’s was awake when I woke but Caleb also struggled to get up. I was trying to be out the house as quickly as we could as I knew we only had a few hours and we needed to stop for breakfast.

We just had pastries and tea for breakfast and then walked around the city getting lost in the streets, taking plenty of photos and chasing pigeons. The children enjoyed it as did we. We just didn’t have enough time to explore everywhere but it is our 3rd time here. We took both pouches with us. Venice is not a place to explore with children and strollers, you would end up just being miserable. I wouldn’t say Venice is necessary a children’s place to go anyways as there isn’t that much for them to do but my 2 did love running through the streets and exploring all the areas with us. Caleb mentioned at some point that he loved it there.

We were out our apartment by 12pm with all our luggage again and had to walk 35 minutes to the train station and over 8 bridges with stairs. It was hard going. Jon and I were exhausted when we got there despite having stopped for smoothies on the way. Our shoulders were broken and we couldn’t wait for the half an hour train ride to rest.

We arrived in Padua only to face another 20 minute walk to our next apartment. We had to walk through a green area on the way and Caleb says ‘ mom, I think we’re going to find a park! I can hear children playing and it’s getting louder!’
Lil’s says, ‘the park is calling us!’
We on the other hand, could not hear a thing but yes, we did find a park. The children loved it.

Our apartment was great. 10 minutes walk from the old town and it’s nice and modern and clean. It’s amazing what a difference this makes to your stay. I managed to walk to the shop to get a few supplies for dinner and breakfast and I’m excited to explore the old town in the next few days we have here.

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