The dreaded MRI scan

New York

Travelling to New York has been something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always been excited for the shopping, the buzzy vibe, the big lights, the taxis and the whole movie vibe. Now that I’ve been here, I’m a little disappointed to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had an amazing time but maybe my expectations were too high.

The shopping is great, if you have loads of money to spend and are willing to spend a fortune on the big name brands.

Obviously, you have to do the theatre on Broadway, it was pretty insane but I wouldn’t say any better then a London west end performance. Jon bought me a ticket to Cirque Du Soleil and it was fantastic!

Time Square – known for the lights and the grandness of the screens there, don’t get me wrong, it was  incredible but I’m not sure I’d have to travel all the way to New York to see them or enjoy them, Piccadilly serves the purpose well.

We found he atmosphere to be more vibey in London on any given day. The buskers here, in New York,  mainly come out at night and obviously that makes it a little better. The streets are super busy but here, the side walks are big enough to cater for the crowds.

Central Park is awesome. The children loved the zoo, although it was small, it was well worth the visit. Central Park is also packed with playgrounds which can keep the children busy for hours on end.

We didn’t have the greatest weather whilst here unfortunately, it rained loads so we didn’t get to do the states island boat cruise which we were hoping to do.

The food here is fantastic. You have every option possible. Coming from the Caribbean it was such a pleasure to enjoy good food again.

Nappies are ridiculously expensive. I paid £12 for a bag of nappies having thought I was out for only he last day here, but sadly I found a whole stack in our hand luggage bag which would have lasted us until we got home.

Our hotel was so great. The decor was so modern and stylish as well as comfortable for us all.

Be prepared to walk in New York. My legs have been so stiff (Olbas oil is amazing for stiffness). On the first day we walked 20kms. On the second 10 and on the third, my Fit bit stopped working (customer service has been amazing and are sending me a new one for free) so I have no idea how far I walked but I’m guessing around 10kms again. This all whilst carrying Lil’s in the pouch- thank goodness for Lenny Lamb and pushing Caleb in the pram as they can never walk that much.

The tubes are great but not with a pram. There are so many stations that don’t have lifts so you end up having to carry the pram up and down stairs. Ensure you have a metro card before travelling. You have to have one and not every station has them for you to purchase.

Brooklyn seemed like a fab neighborhood for the short time threat we were there with loads of playgrounds. It was raining though so we didn’t get to explore too much but we did see the bridge and Manhattan on the other side of the river.

I can confirm that the doctors and hospital were incredible. Caleb fell off the bed in his sleep and then couldn’t wake up the following morning. He was all drowsy and that’s not like him at all. After waking at 9:30am he was pale and weak and eventually vomited which made him feel loads better. Because of the fall and vomiting I wasn’t sure if he had hit his head so I thought I’d take him to the doctors around the corner just to check him out. He was feeling loads better but I bundled the 2 of them up and we walked in the pouring rain to find the doctor. I was pretty relaxed and had even told Caleb that they were going to say he was fine and send us home.

They couldn’t get hold of our travel insurance company. My WhatsApp wasn’t working to get hold of Jon I had no money on my phone and couldn’t top up because it was Jon’s number and I didn’t know his password (jon had lost my SIM card on our trip somewhere) so I was completely stuck. Eventually I guessed his password and got it correct. Got hold of our insurance they said they would fax confirmation through but never did. The doctor said that he needed to send us to ER for an MRI scan incase there was bleeding on the brain. He said that if we left it and something happened on the plane it could be fatal in minutes.  This scared me!  I went from being super relaxed to super tense in minutes.  I stood up and the whole room was spinning, I thought I was going to faint.  I didn’t want Jon to know how stressed I was so I played it down loads for him.  I was stressed as I didn’t want to put Caleb through an MRI scan, they scare me, what would it do to a 4-year-old?

The doctors told me where to go for the hospital, it was pouring with rain but my children were hungry and they had ordered a hotdog and a pretzel from one of the vendors.  Of course, because it was raining so much, most of the vendors we had seen on previous days weren’t around and the ones we were seeing didn’t have hotdogs or pretzels.  I walked for ages in the pouring rain trying to find one and eventually I found them hotdogs and they were happy with that.

We walked to the hospital which thankfully wasn’t too far away.  They were very good; they saw us quickly.  3 doctors came to see us and confirmed that they thought Caleb was fine and that we didn’t need to do an MRI.  They said that we had passed the critical time for a head trauma which was 4-6 hours as it had been 8 hours when we were there.  I had to get hold of our insurance again who thankfully sent through everything they needed to and we got to finally go home.

Packing was a quick job.  We still had loads of time but I couldn’t wait to get it done and I was excited to be on the airplane.  Jon came home, finished his packing and we headed to the hotel restaurant for dinner.  The taxi took us at 7pm to the airport, we had paid for an extra half a day in the hotel.  The taxi driver was a little crazy so the drive there was interesting but we got there in the end.  Our flight was at 11:30pm.  Caleb fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport and slept until we boarded the plane.  Lil’s only fell asleep at 11:30pm when we took off after not napping at all in the day.  I couldn’t believe how long she managed to stay awake and in good spirits for.  Caleb then only fell asleep at 2:30am when they switched the lights off in the plane.  Dinner was at 2am!  They then switched the lights on again at 4am for breakfast, why do they do that?  I woke Caleb up at 5 am for the landing as he was sleeping on the floor and I needed to buckle him in.  Lil’s slept all the way to the passport control where we waited for 2 hours to get through.

Lil’s got sick in the taxi on the way home for some reason.  It was really weird, as soon as she was finished she was fine so I’m not sure what that was about.  The children were so happy to be home. The smell of my home when walking in after a long trip is so great!  It smells like home.  I do think we are all going to suffer a little bit from jetlag after that night time flight.  My fit bit logged that I slept for 3 hours and 5 minutes in total, so I’m pretty exhausted!


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