This is the life!

Antigua – day 13-16


Beach, sun, pool – Ah!  The life!!  It has made me question again why we live in the UK.

We have had a fantastic 4 days. I was at the hotel with the children whilst Jon was out working all day. Lucky for us though, there was a shuttle to and from the beach but only at certain times and the times it did was way too long for the children and I. On one day, we had to walk down to the beach. Caleb did so well. He walked a kilometre down a super steep hill to get there without complaining despite having shoes that were hurting him.

The beach wasn’t the best beach we’ve seen or been to – it was pretty dirty on all the days with seaweed and it had small waves. Only on one day were the waves small enough for the children to actually go swim in. The rest of the time, they just played in the foam. The water was the bluest water we’ve ever experienced. Caleb wanted to know if it was the Bioluminescent bay, it was that blue. It was also pretty busy with boats and jet skis and loads of tourists but despite all this, the children still enjoyed the beach, playing in the waves, digging holes, building sand castles and looking for crabs.

Spending time at the hotel pool was limited as the pool water was too cold so the children weren’t that keen on swimming in it. Only on one day, Jon happened to come home early and the water was warm so we all got to swim together.

Our hotel was up on a hill with beach views below. The view we’re pretty spectacular. We got to have dinner outside on the deck with a lit fire – not that it was cold but it kept the mosquitoes at bay.

Our room was great, it was quite large.  After arriving late when our plane was delayed, they didn’t have a bed set up for Caleb and Lil’s. They said they thought they would share the bed with us. They did eventually set up the sleeper couch for the children but it was a bit inconvenient.  The sleeper couch wasn’t great, no adult would have been able to sleep on it but the children were fine on it.

On one of the days, Jon fetched us to take us to the town. The children were due a sleep but thankfully they just slept in the pouch and pram whilst I walked the streets and went into the shops. There were super expensive shops that are obviously the tourist traps for the cruise ships but as I got lost in the streets (literally) I found super cheap, Chinese stores. I didn’t  buy anything besides a hat despite everyone trying to make a sale as soon as they saw me, I must have screamed tourist! I was properly lost at one stage and didn’t have maps to get myself back to where I was meeting Jon.  I found myself just getting deeper and deeper into the local markets and I was starting to get worried. I had to meet Jon in 20 minutes but had told him if I wasn’t there I would have caught a taxi back so I was scared he was going to leave me behind too. Luckily, the people were very helpful and they pointed me on the right direction to get back to where I needed to be. My plan was, I would just get a taxi back if I missed Jon.

On our last day, we had a late flight out so we went to the beach as a family – this is a rare occasion.  Jon got to swim with the children – which they love. We then went back to the hotel, packed and checked out with the intention of spending some time at the pool before going to the plane. The children were so tired that we packed them into the car and drove to a beach 40 minutes away so they could sleep in the car. Caleb slept but  Lil’s refused to. Doing the drive was great because I got to see a little more of Antigua before we left.

We got to the airport at 3pm and again, our flight was delayed. Liat is a terrible airline, all its flights were delayed and apparently it’s pretty normal. Lil’s was due to go to bed so she found the wait hard but on the whole, they did amazingly well.

Our flight only took off at 8:30pm. It was only an hours flight but we arrived in the airport at Saint Lucia at 9:30pm, they hadn’t given us landing cards so we had to fill those out, had to get our bags, and do paper work for the car.

Whilst waiting for the car. Lil’s finally fell asleep in the pouch (Lenny Lamb) on me and then I managed to transfer her to the car whilst she slept. The car was so tiny so getting our luggage in was a challenge. It didn’t all fit in the boot so we had to put a bag in between the children. Caleb fell asleep 5 minutes into the hour and 40 minute journey ride to our hotel.

It was an awful drive there in the dark. The roads were so windy that I was literally holding myself back from vomiting. We had no sat nav as we had no SIM cards so Jon had loaded the map up on my phone at the airport with their wifi but then I had to watch to ensure we were going the right way, this is probably what added to my car sickness.

I had said to Jon on the way to our hotel that I bet no one will be there when we get there. We were due to arrive at 11:30 pm, we hadn’t been able to tell them we were late so why would they just hang around waiting indefinitely for us?

Well, there was a security guard but he was nowhere to be found. Jon found our keys in his hut but couldn’t find our villa. Eventually, he emerged having looked like he had been asleep and he pointed us in the right direction. We carried the kids in but our 2 rooms were so far apart, I was worried they would wake up in the night and panic not knowing where we were. I decided to sleep in between them – it was a king size bed – and obviously not a very good sleep. I only got into bed at 12:30am  and Caleb woke us up at 6am.

Antigua was beautiful, the people were amazingly friendly and helpful. We enjoyed it here and it would be a place we would come back to for a holiday.



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