The most beautiful beaches but with loads of mozzies

Saint Lucia

Our villa we are in is lovely. It’s not modern and has no air conditioners but it’s still great. We have a large living space, a small kitchen (nothing to cook with), a veranda that overlooks the mountains and valleys and a stunning infinity pool (not only for us but a public one) that’s lovely and warm with views over the town.  The only problem with our villa is that it’s on top of a hill. Yes, great views, but there’s no shuttle to get down so with Jon being out working all day, it means we’re stuck here at the villa.

On the first day here, we went with Jon to one of the beaches he had to shoot called Sugar Beach. It was paradise! No waves, the perfect temperature with white sand. They had these floating rings that the children loved getting into and floating on in the sea. The children loved it there but despite being hot and lovely, it kept having short intervals of rain which wasn’t so pleasant. Later we found out that they ship their sand in from another country in order to have it white so this made it less desirable for me. I’m guessing that staying here must be pretty expensive, you are waited on from the minute you arrive and they even have queues at the airport to get you through customs quickly.  If you wanted a luxury holiday, this would be the place to go to.

Jon then took us to the shop to by some groceries. There’s nowhere to cook so it’s literally just the bare essentials we need and that’s all they really had at the shop too. Life here seems pretty simple but we have found it to be quite expensive.

On the second morning, the children and I got a taxi down to one of the beaches. We had fun playing in the waves and today it was black sand. The taxi fetched us an hour later and took us back to the villa. It was a pretty expensive taxi ride. 40 USD so thankfully we only had to do it once.

The afternoons were spent at the swimming pool at our house.

Saint Lucia had a real island vibe to it. There’s jungle everywhere with fruit trees and palm trees. The roads are dreadful, covered in pot holes, if they’re even tarred and super windy up and down mountains. The people are very friendly and inviting. We didn’t get to eat any of the local food but that’s ok, I’m not into different things anyways. I also didn’t get to see the markets but having seen and experienced the beaches makes me feel really fortunate.  One negative thing about the island (and others in the Caribbean) is the mosquitoes.  They are in abundance and even after putting mozzie cream on, we have still been bitten.

Saint Lucia is the type of place you would come to to be at a big resort and to sit and do nothing but sit on a beach. It is beautiful with some of the best beaches we’ve seen.

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