The most boring days we’ve had!

Puerto – Rico Day 11 and 12

Ew! Boring day! In the car from 8:30am until 7pm.

We drove from place to place but the drives were long. The first place we stopped at, it was raining and no parking in the tiny town. Then Jon tried to photograph the surfers but we were literally out the car for 10 mins whilst he did this because he was running late and there weren’t that many surfers out as the waves were too big.

Caves was the second place on the itenary. Jon was running late so he needed to be as fast as possible so we couldn’t go with as there was a bit of a walk. We tried to play in the play ground there but it was awful. Lil’s ended up falling flat on her back in a pool of water on the stones at the bottom of the slide. It wasn’t toddler friendly, maybe older children would have enjoyed it but it was too big, too old and rusty with not much more than a slide and a firemen pole. We packed that one up and waited in the car.

A radio telescope – ew! Not my idea of fun. Supposed to be amazing. The museum wasn’t even that great. It kept the children busy for 10 minutes! I managed to leave my phone on the roof of the car but luckily or unluckily (I’m not sure which one – since it’s broken already) it was still there when we got back.

Then we needed to find dinner. We had skipped lunch and the children were hungry. We stopped at a Burger King – don’t judge us! It was the first place we found (there are so many on the island) it was quick and cheap. The children enjoyed it, especially because they got a toy. There was a tiny playground inside the Burger King which I thought the children would love but there were so many other children in there that were screaming and running through that my children hated it and were too scared to go in.

Photographing a beach next for sunset – We stayed in the car as it was littered with Mosquitos – and finally to our hotel which was fully booked and they put us in a double room with no where for the children to sleep. They did eventually give us mattresses on the floor but we ended up listening to 2 men fighting, shouting and swearing at each other in the room next door until I called the front desk to come sort it out.

Day 12 – This morning we swam, packed our things, dropped our car off and headed to the airport. We were flying to Antigua for 4 nights. Our plane was 3 hours delayed so our whole day was spent in the airport which had the most expensive food and drinks ever. 4 dollars 60 for a coffee!! 10 dollars for a hotdog. The children were pretty good in the airport despite the long wait.


It was Mother’s Day! My husband was clueless about it (as usual!). I was rewarded with Lil’s doing her first poo in the toilet. She was so chuffed with herself although I think it was an accident, she totally surprised herself.

We eventually got to our hotel, after being so badly delayed at the airport, at 7:30pm. The children hadn’t had any dinner, Lil’s had had a sausage for lunch but Caleb had had a hotdog. They were tired and filthy from running around the airport. Caleb fell asleep in the car on the way to the hotel, but only for 5 minutes so we woke him when we got to the accommodation. I called room service for dinner and got the children in the bath as quickly as I could. They were so good about it. The dinner at the accommodation was delicious. I managed to get pasta and mince for the kids but it was a little spicy. They only got to bed at 8:30pm but were asleep in 5 minutes. Shame, I did feel guilty but we did the best we could.

Well 2 pretty boring days. Let’s hope Antigua has more to offer then the past few days have.

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