A broken phone


Day 10 – Puerto Rico

Ug, broken phone!! I put my phone in my bag yesterday and I didn’t realise my skirt in there was a little damp and obviously the heat must have caused moisture. It’s still working but not very well! I’m going to have to take it in when we get back. It’s only getting worse. The screen is going grey, it has white lines across it, it’s taking random pictures, the ring square is up constantly. I’ve had way too many issues with the iPhone 6. This is my third one in a year and a half.

We’re at a strange hotel. It’s more like a motelĀ ut they make everyone wear wristbands. I’ve never seen that before. Breakfast was bagels – more carbs! Can’t seem to get away from them here. Lil’s has been asking for oats and smoothies so she’s clearly struggling with our current diet too.

We spent the morning on the beach and then at the pool. The children are very excited because there’s a new Paw Patrol coming on at 12 and our room has a TV. Lucky for them, it’s nap time so we will be inside at that time.

Jon’s out all day today shooting. We have no internet in our room so I just read whilst they napped. Caleb didn’t actually sleep but he just rested. Lil’s only had an hour before I woke her as it was getting too late and she wouldn’t sleep in the evening.

The afternoon was spent swimming in the pool. There were quite a few other families there which was great as it kept my children entertained. If they weren’t playing with the other children then they were just staring at them watching their every move.

After swimming, they unpacked all their toys. They had a playdough session, writing, drawing and puzzle building before Jon got home with some dinner. He arrived quite late so I had to try keep them going despite being hungry until he got there. I had limited snacks and I didn’t want them snacking because I knew dinner was coming.

I’ve decided that travelling is actually quite a lonely life. Although it’s glamorous and we get to see and experience so many things, when Jon’s out all day, I’m on my own the entire day and having no internet means no interaction with the outside world. I guess there has to be some bad with the good right? I am grateful to have my children as they keep me on my toes and entertained but the last few days has felt a little lonely.


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