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Puerto Rico – day 8 and 9

The past 2 days haven’t been too exciting. Day 8 was spent solely in the hotel room the entire day! It was raining and windy outside so we couldn’t even go swim. We went out at one point but it only lasted 5 minutes before the children were ready to go back inside.

At one point in the afternoon, the children had cabin fever so I took them to run up and down the passage ways in the hotel room and went up and down the lifts at either end. There were 5 floors and we did this 3 times. Lil’s was then asking to be picked up so I figured it was time to go back in.

We bathed and then Jon came to fetch us for dinner. Because the children hadn’t been very active all day, they didn’t have a sleep. It was hard to keep them busy all day without going on devices. They played with all their toys, Caleb played lego for ages and we even made paper hats out of the newspaper that had been put under our door. By the time Jon fetched us, the children were ready to sleep so they were properly grumpy. They were also hungry so we needed to feed them quickly. We got to the place we had had dinner at the previous night – we needed more acai bowls. Everyone was excited for the same meal only to arrive and the cafe had no electricity because of all the rain they had had. This lead to more whiny children as now they weren’t getting the dinner they wanted and they had to wait longer. As we sat pondering what to do and where to go next, they eventually told us they had another branch 15 minutes away so we drove there and had dinner there. Yip, there were tears and whining most of the way there but the children were happy to see their meals arrive.

Day 9 wasn’t much better. We left at 8am for a beach. We arrived at the beach and it was raining so we couldn’t play and Jon didn’t take photos. Jon then thought he would go to the bird watching walk and shoot there. I couldn’t take the stroller so the children and I stayed in the car for almost 2 hours whilst Jon did the nature walk. The children were so good despite it being super hot.

We drove to an awful supermarket. I honestly don’t know how these people eat here. The fresh food variety is awful. I managed to get some apples and plums and that’s as far as fresh food went. I’m feeling so horrible from the food we are eating but I honestly cannot find healthy options.

After arriving at our next holiday house at 12:30, they told us we can’t check in until 3pm but they will do all the paper work and then we can just pick up the key at 3. We went to a nearby restaurant, had some lunch and then headed to the beach. The children were adamant they weren’t going to the beach and that they were going to the pool. So, I let Jon go to the beach to shoot and I took the children to the pool for 2 hours. They absolutely loved it and they were fascinated by the massive lizard that was trying to have a swim with us too.

At 3:30 I went to get the key and they wouldn’t give it to me as they said the room hadn’t been paid for in full yet. I was so annoyed because we had done all this earlier. I couldn’t call Jon because for some reason my phone decided it wasn’t working. So we waited another 20 minutes outside until Jon came back.

They let us in our room and it was covered in mosquitoes. Despite me having put mosquito spray on the children they got bitten. I eventually went and asked if they had spray for our room to kill them and they did. Let’s hope we can get through the night without being eaten alive.

It’s felt like 2 days of just hanging around but I guess that’s what happens and that’s the down side to the travelling with Jon. It can’t always just be paradise beaches can it?


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