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Back to Puerto Rico – day 7

Today we fly back to Puerto Rico to continue the work there.

After breakfast, we dashed to one last beach in paradise. Ok, so maybe this was my favourite beach – they have honestly just got better and better. We were the only ones there. It was a bay, and absolutely perfect with fish about 15cm long swimming around us and circling us. We didn’t want to leave.

We left cutting it very fine for time to get to the airport. We raced to the guesthouse, packed the last bits and headed to the airport. We got there in time but there was a moment when we thought we weren’t going to make it on time. Thankfully, it’s such a tiny airport with so few people, I don’t think it would have made much of a difference to be honest.

Once landing in Puerto Rico, we had a 2 hour drive to Ponce – a very disappointing town! I took the children swimming at the hotel and did the laundry in the hotels guest laundry room whilst Jon went for a shoot. He then came to fetch us to walk along the board walk that was covered in shops and restaurants where we were going to have dinner. Except, most places were closed, the beach was horrible, the restaurants didn’t look great at all and the last thing I felt like was more greasy food. Lunch had been crisp rolls and cranberries as there was literally nothing else at the random shop Jon made me go into. I really wanted an Acai Bowl and I was determined to find one.

I put it into google maps and it came up with a place 9 minutes away so we went in search of it. It was great! It had my Acai bowls and I ordered an omelette for the children. When the food arrived, Lil’s cried because she wanted my dinner and not hers. So, guess who ended up sharing most of her acai bowl that she was dying for? I totally didn’t mind but I just didn’t want an omelette for dinner.

After our little dinner episode it got me thinking: To all the moms reading this, you are awesome! Thanks to my mom for silently giving up things for us. My mom never complained and I know that we don’t even know 98 percent of the things she gave up for us! After giving up most of my acai bowl today, I realised my children too will never know the things I’m willing to and the things I have given up for them. This isn’t to make me sound awesome, I’m totally not! It just makes me appreciate my mom even more because I know she silently did the same things for us – as a mom, that’s just what we do right? So my point in all this is to say, my mom is incredible and to say that a mothers love is like no other, it’s indescribable really!

After finishing our dinner and having my first cup of tea albeit it was mint tea, we headed back to the hotel for bed. With the beach being horrible and the town not looking great, I don’t think I’m missing anything by being hotel bound tomorrow!


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