The Bioluminescent Bay was insane!

Vieques – day 6

7am and everyone is still asleep. The sun is streaming in our one tiny window of the rustic dungeon we are staying in. Lil’s woke shortly after and Jon’s alarm had us all up too. Hurray for a late sleep!

We dressed and went for a great cooked breakfast. The children haven’t really been into cooked breakfasts for a while so I wasn’t convinced they would eat it but they did.

After dropping us back at the guesthouse, Jon was going to pick up his guide for the day so we were home bound. I didn’t bring my stroller to the island as we only had 13kgs so we couldn’t even take a walk to the few shops that there were to take a peak. So other than going to the beach right by us, which isn’t very child friendly, and the children only lasted an hour at, we were pretty much stuck in the dungeon. I did let the children play on devices, we sang, they jumped on the beds, we wrestled and Lil’s managed to crack the iPad screen a little more by accident my standing on it – dreading telling Jon when he gets back.

After nap time, Jon arrived to take us to a beach. It was perfect, and probably my favourite beach. It had no waves and was shallow for about 20 meters out so the children loved playing in it. Lil’s is a little scared of the fish because you can see them swimming around us but as soon as the LILO was in the water she was happy to join us and play. I love the beach but I don’t usually love swimming. At a beach like this though, I could spend hours in the water – it’s the perfect temperature and I love how crystal clear it is with no waves.

We dashed for dinner and then I dropped the family at the guest house and left Jon to do shower hour and bed as I went on my tour – yes, I got some me time to enjoy something!

Breath taking and mind blowing was my reaction to the bioluminescent bay. For those of you who don’t know what it is, in the bay are millions of micro organisms that when touched, they glow. The guide we went with said that he hadn’t seen the bay glow like it was glowing tonight in a long time. We had glass bottom kayaks so as we kayaked along we saw it glowing underneath. We thought that it just glowed all night every night but actually it’s only when something causes friction with the water, like if you touch it or when your oar touches it, that it glows. We went in pitch darkness so kayaking on the sea in the dark was a little weird and then seeing the glow and the stars was just incredible. When the fish swim through the water past your boat, you just see these streams of light. You see them jump too. The whole experience was just insane. Jon wasn’t as amazed by it as what I was but I think the fact that there’s these tiny little micro organs that are lighting up is just insane. I’m so glad I got to see it as it wasn’t looking likely and I’m so blessed to have had it on a good night too.

By the time I got home, the children were asleep so Jon did a good job at doing the night time routine, when we’re home, he might just have to do it more often on his own.

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