um, did someone say paradise?


Puerto Rico – San Juan – day 3

If you just pressed the repeat button on yesterday morning, you will know what we did this morning. Except that it wasn’t a 4am wake up, it was a 5am wake up and it was just for a toilet stop and back to bed until 7am – I can handle that!

Lil’s wasn’t too keen on going in the sea water today. She asked to go in when we got there but then quickly ran away and wasn’t keen to go back in. Caleb kept asking me to build him a big tunnel in the sand. I couldn’t understand what he was asking for. Eventually I realised it was 2 holes and then you have to link them with a tunnel. So I made him one. Apparently it wasn’t big enough, papous one are bigger and he can get into them so I had to make it bigger. Uh, no thank you. He can wait to see papou and papou can make him a bigger one.

Again, I had 2 sleeping children this afternoon. I think they must still be catching up or the sun and swimming use up all their energy. I mean, I’m not complaining. I had a giant headache today so it meant that I got to rest my eyes for a little bit too.

Once they woke, I got them in their costumes again. Lil’s would be happy wearing her costume all day! We caught a taxi with Jon (Jon was going to shoot somewhere else, they just dropped us on the way) to a different beach. It was a bay that had been blocked off by rocks so there were really tiny waves coming in – I’m not sure they could even be called waves, maybe ripples. The water was crystal clear, we could even see the fish swimming with us. Both children loved running in and out the water as it had a little dip in it where it got deeper. I must say, I felt so much more at ease at this beach then at the other beach with waves. I feel I can’t take my eyes off them at the other beach but here, I think even they felt safer.

Buying buckets and spades on our first day here was the best thing I could have done. The children have loved playing with them.

This beach was a little bit of paradise however, it was ruined by the blaring music coming from the nearby hotel and the fact that there were loads of guys, obviously on a stag do, just being silly. They had clearly had too much to drink already and were cursing left right and centre. Also, one of them decided to walk across the rock wall naked which obviously provided huge entertainment for everyone on the shore line.

It was here that Caleb noticed someone had a different colour skin for the first time ever. As he was playing he was watching some people dancing and he said, ‘look mommy, thy man has no hair!’ So I replied with, ‘oh yeah, like dad!’ He then said, ‘and…he has very brown skin! I’ve never seen someone with brown skin before!’ I love the fact that he’s never noticed it and there’s a part of me that wishes that that innocence would never disappear.

Let’s talk Puerto Rocians for a second here. They are not as friendly as I expected them to be. It might just be the area we are in but the ones we’ve come into contact with, I’ve found to be pretty rude and abrupt. Let’s see if this gets better in other parts of the Carribean.

We walked home from there, it was about a 20 minute walk. The children were hungry. Jon had been to a health store for lunch so I asked him to bring home pancakes and fruit from there for the children for dinner. Not the healthiest of meals but they loved it. They only recently had pancakes for the first time so this was their second time. They were plain pancakes with fruit on them. Not terribly exciting but also not packed with sugar.

I had promised them a swim in the pool after dinner. Everything inside of me didn’t want to go but I thought it was probably their last time in the pool and I’d honour my word. It wasn’t a very long one thankfully as the air outside the pool was a little chilly and Lil’s had had enough.

As I showered them this evening I thought how far we’ve come since travelling. At the start of the travels we used to have 2 crying children if they had to get showered but now, they’re so used to it that I was even able to wash their hair without a fuss at all.

I packed all our things up as they watched ‘go jetters’ because tomorrow we drive to a new holiday house don’t ask me where it is, I usually only find out on our way there. I am hoping it has a pool and if it’s heated that would be even more amazing!

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