A small plane to a small island

Vieques – Day 5, March 2017

Today’s been an interesting day. Caleb woke us at 6:30 by saying ‘wake up everyone!’ At least it was at a decent hour. I had a terrible sleep. Jon didn’t shut his computer down properly so it was still light in our room. He had said it would shut down on its own. By 1:30am it still hadn’t switched off. I felt like I couldn’t go into a deep sleep because of it. We had no air con in our rustic room (only to find this morning that we actually did!) so I dressed the kids in nappies and a shirt to sleep in and Lil’s was cold in the night so I kept waking to put a sheet over her and then Caleb would kick it off because he was too hot. It wasn’t a great nights sleep.

The children were so good at entertaining themselves this morning. Whilst Jon flew his drone, I made cereal for us and got us all ready with mosquito and suncream included in the mix.

We left at 8:30 for the smallest airport I’ve ever seen. We had to be there super early for some reason, we only flew at 10. It was a tiny 10 seater plane we were only allowed 13kgs of luggage so we left the rest of our luggage in the car at the airport. They even weighed us to ensure the plane was equally balanced out and we had certain seats we had to sit in.

I managed to book onto a kayak tour for tomorrow evening to see the bioluminescent bay. I’m pretty excited about that.

The flight to Vieques was super short, 15 mins, but those little airplanes freak me out. I end up holding onto the sides of the plane and praying the whole way there. ┬áThankfully it wasn’t a bumpy ride, but we did hit a down pour of rain. It was very noisy in there, so noisy that lil’s is saying she doesn’t want to go to the airport again.

We waited around for our car company to come get us. Jon had ordered a jeep and he was expecting a really old cranky jeep and they arrived with a metallic blue fancy one. They drove us to the car place to fill out the paper work and then we had to wait around for car seats. What I don’t understand is that we pre order them so why aren’t they ready and in the cars for us? These 2 were at least a little bit decent and they were clean.

Finally, we drove to our guesthouse. The island is beautiful and very quaint. It has wild horses everywhere. They are super thin but obviously because there isn’t that much grazing.

The water is perfectly clear today and just looks like the dream place to be in. Along the streets in the main little town is a stash of restaurants.

We drove down to (not even 5 mins but it was mid day heat by now) a restaurant for some lunch and drinks. We were there half an hour and they hadn’t even brought our drinks yet. I had asked how long the food would take because Lil’s was super tired and they said they would ask. A table next to us said they had been waiting an hour already and nothing. Eventually, we cancelled our order and when I did, they couldn’t even find our order in the kitchen!!! I did have a cheese roll and some milk at the guest house that I had brought with me from Puerto Rico.

After desperately wanting a smoothie or an Acai bowl, the guy at the guesthouse thought it was amusing that I thought they would sell fruit drinks here. Because they have to fly all their food in, they only get fresh food once every 2 weeks so they don’t sell fresh foods anywhere. I even asked at the restaurant who was advertising salads if I could get some cucumber for the children and he said they didn’t have any!

I took the kids back to the guesthouse to sleep. It’s far too hot for them to be outside in the mid day sun anyways, Jon has gone to do some shooting. Poor guy having to work in this heat. Lil’s was so tired she was falling asleep in the car, I put her down and she then had a second wind and was refusing to sleep. I eventually got both of them to sleep, I totally didn’t think Caleb would but he did.

Jon came back just after 3 to fetch us to take us to the beach. We went to the most stunning beach. It had no waves. I put the children’s arm bands on and they had a ball splashing about in the water. Lils was a little nervous at first I think because it had fish in and we could see them. Then, after Jon was finished shooting, he came and joined us for a bit and he blew up a big lilo that the man from our guest house had let us use. The children loved it. They took turns lying on it even if it was for 2 seconds each.

Jon then had to shoot another beach so we went there. I dressed the kids as they were still In their costumes but had had enough of playing in the sand. They wanted to rather play in the jeep which was fine by me. Jon wasn’t very long so it was ok.

Dinner in the Main Street was next. Not back to the same restaurant as this afternoon though. The food here is so expensive. We pay 8 dollars just for a kids meal. Lils had plain pasta with nothing on or in and I asked for some avocado for her (she shovelled it down) and they charged us extra for the avocado. The food was good though. Mine was a calamari salad and Jon had a fish curry.

Upon returning back to the guest house, the kids were wild. They were unravelling the toliet paper, throwing the clothes around, switching the taps on and off – ok so I know not wild by any stretch of the imagination but wild for my 2. I eventually showered them but there was no hot water! The owners weren’t even around to ask what was going on and jon had gone on his boat trip. So a cold shower it was for all of us. It wasn’t pleasant but the children didn’t whine too much.

Whilst I showered, to calm them down a bit I just let them play on the devices for a bit. It was good because they didn’t just watch programs they actually played some educational games. I love that they learn without even knowing it.

This island is beautiful! The beaches are amazing. I did think we would see more vendors around but there hasn’t been any.

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