Sleeping on a rock!

Puerto Rico –  – day 4

I packed last night so I didn’t have to pack this morning whilst the children were awake. The problem is, Jon only packs in the morning so it’s keeping the children entertained whilst we wait for Jon to pack and do his morning loo session.

After breakfast, we went to the car hire company to get the car seats. Jon picked up the car yesterday but they didn’t have the car seats. They were and are still rather grim! They have no padding, literally a cover, a dirty cover, over the plastic bit of the chair. Beggars can’t be chooses at this point so we just have to close our eyes and bare with it. The children weren’t fazed and actually seem pretty comfortable in them so we just have to go with it.

We had an hours drive to a beach called, Playa Luquillo . It was beautiful, crystal clear water, long stretches of sand with palm trees and coconut trees surrounding the beach and to top it off, perfect weather. Lil’s hasn’t really wanted to come into the waves which, I’m not so sad about. She’s happy to play in the sand and today she spent her time in the life savers shake climbing up and down the hill.

Today, I’m finally going to bed with a tan. I’m not sure what made the difference today as I was in the sun for the same amount of time as I have been on the other days where you couldn’t even see I was a shade darker. Not sure if it’s the fact that I had a swim in the sea today so the salt made me tan more? Jon says it was the change in colour of the sand but that sounds unlikely to me (what do I know though!).

Next, the plan was to stop and get a bite to eat and then Jon would drop me at the holiday house whilst he went to the rain forest and did the walk to the waterfall. After coming out of the shop with a few supplies (I’ll get to this in a minute), he said it was too far to take us to the house that we would have to come with him. It was 1pm and he was staying until 6pm! I wasn’t sure what we were going to do and the children were tired but thought we could just figure it out when we got there.

Jon said he would pouch one of the children so we could go with for the walk. There was a board that said it was a 40 minute walk and it was hard. People were coming out high five-ing saying ‘we made it’ and others were looking pretty worn out form the walk so I was nervous as to what we were getting ourselves into.

There were a few strenuous moments but it was a pretty easy walk actually. The children fell asleep straight away so when we finally got to the waterfall, Lil’s stayed asleep on me and Jon put Caleb down on a rock and he slept like that for over an hour. He seemed pretty comfortable and was even drooling.

The waterfall wasn’t anything to write home about but there were tons of people there swimming in the freezing water. The children swimming were shivering and shaking – poor things!

I pretty much just sat on the rock and people watched for about an hour and a half whilst Jon took pictures. Caleb woke when Jon was finished and we needed to head home which was fine, he was happy to walk some of the way back to the car.

So my shop…well I literally get told as I’m getting out the door that I need lunch, dinner and breakfast supplies and I only have about 2 mins to get it. It’s a mad rush, I run into a shop I’ve never been into. It had no fruit and veg section. Eventually, I found a punnet of strawberries and some tomatoes (we don’t eat tomatoes!). They had no bread or rolls for sandwiches. Their cold meat looked awful. I thought I bought butter and I actually bought butter mixed with palm oil. I bought some cheese, sausages, yoghurt and cereal (from the poor variety they had) and ice cream (it’s Saturday!). We then went to another shop across the road to get some bread or rolls. Jon said he was running in, the 5 minutes I took was clearly too long for him. He said it was a huge supermarket with tons of fruit and vegetables. Sigh, if only I had gone there instead.

Anyways, back to our day. By the time we had got back from the waterfall and had stopped a few times along the way for a few more shots, it was 6pm. We were heading home when Jon spotted a guy on the side of the road selling coconuts. They just cut the top off, put a straw in and you drink the water. I don’t fancy it but Jon loves it. I gave the coconut back and he said he would cut it open for me. He cut all the flesh out for us which was so delicious.

We reached our holiday house at about 7:30. It’s a little interesting. Super rustic! You can’t throw toilet paper into the loo. The hot plate to cook on (not that I’m cooking) is about a hundred years old. There are no aircons and we’re sleeping to the sounds of all the crickets and frogs outside. Caleb keeps saying ‘we’re in the bundu’s mommy!’ It literally feels like we’re out in the wild.

The children haven’t had any of their toys out since we’ve been here, besides lego and Lil’s my little ponies but tonight they unpacked everything. The floor was covered with toys. I packed our bag.

Tomorrow we are flying to an island that is known for the Bioluminescent Bay. I’m very excited about it, I’m hoping to go on a kayak tour but so far it’s all booked up so hopefully I’ll get a place tomorrow for the following night to go see it. We are leaving our things in the car at the airport and just taking 2 nights worth of clothing with us.

The children have fallen asleep. As I came out the shower, they were Lying in the same bed giving each other good night kisses. It was really sweet. It makes my heart so happy when I see that.

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