A new journey begins

Puerto Rico – March 2017

Ah, 5 months at home. It was so great. We waited until after Calebs birthday to travel again simply because he’s been looking forward to his birthday party for months and because we were on the road last year for his birthday, I felt we needed to be home for it this year – he had an amazing day and he was so spoilt!

I started packing on Monday, today is Wednesday but only really some
of my things when the children had gone to bed. On Tuesday morning, I woke up and thought I probably shouldn’t go to play group as I have so much to do but then I felt it would be a long day at home and I’d end up having to try and entertain Caleb and Lils, so we went to play group. We got home and I put them down for a rest, as I usually do but today, they both slept at the same time for 3 hours! I can’t remember when last they slept in the afternoon let alone at the same time. It was amazing. I got to do everything I needed to do and more whilst they slept. Yes, it meant they went to bed a bit later but it wasn’t a problem because we could do the last bits whilst they were awake.

We had a 5:30am start. After getting to the airport 3 hours before our flight, having a really speedy boarding and security check, our flight was delayed by more than an hour. They said it was because of the mist but then they were waiting for other incoming passengers on different flights too. Gatwick is great in that it has a soft play area for the children to run around in whilst we were waiting. Because the children had an early start and a run around, I was adamant Lils would fall asleep on take off!

We finally got going on our 9 hour journey. Lils did not want to sleep! She was running up and down the aisle of the airplane.

We flew with Norwegian Air. The air hostesses were so serious and so unfriendly but the actual flight was fine on the whole, there wasn’t much to complain about with a low budget flight.

I tried to force a sleep with Lils at about 12:30 as she was tired but, she wasn’t having it. She was shouting at me saying ‘I don’t want sleepy time mommy!’ So I just left her for another hour. Caleb is amazing. He happily sits in his chair, he plays and is on the iPad or watches something on the tv without making too much of a fuss. He’s really so easy to fly with. I always get a little nervous flying, even though we’ve done so many flights, the children are always at different stages so I never know what’s going to happen. Lils was a little wild today – she even managed to stand on the iPad just before landing and broke the screen after we’ve just had it fixed the week before we came.

Finally, at 1:30 I took her for a walk holding her. I wrapped her in her blanket and gave her her dummy and she fell asleep super quickly and had just over 2 hours of sleep. I managed to get Caleb down too, he’s so easy I just had to say it’s time for a sleep and if you don’t sleep we can’t swim when we get to the holiday house and he was out like a light. He also slept for 2 hours so I got to watch a movie and have a little snooze myself.

Finally after 9 hours of flying we reached our destination. On the whole, the children were amazing as usual. I am so privileged to have such well behaved children.

After landing all Lils could say was that she wanted her costume on. She wasn’t going in a taxi, she just wanted to swim. I managed to convince her that we needed to get to our holiday house first.

My first impression of Puerto Rico is that it’s a bit like Thailand. It’s not the prettiest place I’ve seen with really old and tall hotel buildings. The beach looked good but it was wild today so hopefully it will calm down over night and will be beautiful tomorrow.

As we stepped into the door of our hotel the children started pulling their clothes off. They were adamant they were going to the beach and to swim in the pool. We did just that! They loved it. The sea water was warm despite the big waves. The pool at the hotel is heated so that’s great too.

The children were hungry after swimming, so we showered them and went to get some dinner from a burger place around the corner. Normally we stay at apartments when we travel but this trip Jon has booked hotels as he said apartments were hard to find. Feeding these 2 is going to be challenging especially because I don’t want Lils living off of chips for 3 weeks. Going for dinner was the worst thing we could have done. Lils cried throughout the whole meal. Luckily, we were sitting outside but it couldn’t have been pleasant for others around. She refused to eat anything because Jon didn’t order her chips and nothing was making her happy. I managed to catch Calebs fingers in between the 2 benches so that ended up in tears too. I shovelled my food down and left with Lils as quickly as I could in order to get her home into bed. She was exhausted.

Upon arriving home and seeing the time, it was 12am for them (with the time change) and they had been up since 5am with only a 2 hour nap in between. I felt awful as I didn’t monitor the time very well and the fact that she got herself into such a state because she was tired and I was getting a little annoyed with her crying. Poor little things – they do such a great job of being so good most of the time, I need to ask myself what they might be lacking to understand their behaviour better before I get annoyed. Eek! Bad mom alert! Luckily, they had been bathed and once in bed, they were asleep in no time.

Looking forward to a good nights rest, we are pretty tired too as well as for some sun, beach and swimming in he morning.

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